Virtues and Vices

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Virtues and Vices

#1 Postby SeeleyOne » Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:41 pm

I like to game with my children. As such I like to have my kids benefit from playing as heroes, working as a team, and considering the consequences to their actions. With that in mind, I have written the following rules for Savage Worlds Deluxe.

Virtues and Vices

The Virtues and Vices rules are designed for campaigns where being Good and virtuous are an integral part of the campaign model. Many genres would benefit from these rules, including the grittier settings where even the heroes are prone to some darker traits.

The first concept is to assume that the benefit of doing good is almost universal, the clear exception being when a character has an Evil Hindrance that prevents it from acting normally. If there is no Hindrance to counter it, the act of doing a good or heroic deed is always rewarded with the earning of a benny (which is otherwise called Karma in Suzerain).

The second concept is to treat Evil Hindrances somewhat differently. Giving in to the urges of the Hindrance results in, like normal, the reward of a benny. However, should a character fight that urge and NOT do it at a given time it actually costs a benny to ignore those urges.

An optional third concept is that vices, such as smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, or any other form of addiction can also use the “cost a benny to ignore” rule. While not necessarily evil per se. needing to get a fix can lead to committing evil acts in order to obtain that fix or as a result of its effects.

There are debates as to whether or not a person could just make a Spirit roll in order to battle the tendency for evil or an addiction. While there is a very good argument for a Spirit roll, these rules do not allow it. The first reason is because even strong-willled people are plagued by addictions. The second is because the choice to spend a benny and resist or to get a benny and give in is more in line with the Savage Worlds mantra of Fast, Furious, and Fun.

No “Good” Hindrances

Savage Worlds Deluxe includes only two Hindrances that can be specifically considered to be “good”. They are Heroic and Loyal. When a character only has one Major and two Minor Hindrances these two become less common than they should otherwise be. They should be removed from the list of available Hindrances. They are assumed to be the norm for any character, unless of course prohibited by a given Evil Hindrance.

Whenever a character does something that is morally “Good”, he or she is awarded a benny. This is not a trivial matter. It is from when the character chooses to do what is right, regardless of what it may cost himself in terms of safety, time, money, or effort. It is putting the needs of others above the needs of the self.

Evil Hindrances

Savage Worlds Deluxe includes six Evil Hindrances: Arrogant. Bloodthirsty, Greedy, Habit, Mean, and Vengeful. The essence of Evil is putting the needs of the self before the needs of others. Vices are obsessions that affect how the character interacts with others.

New Evil Hindrances

There are four new Hindrances presented here. These will help to define what is evil or a vice within the context of the game. Disloyal is a replacement for Loyal.

Dishonest (Minor or Major)

Your character is prone to telling lies, fabricating stories, and otherwise altering what he knows to be the truth. As a Minor Hindrance the character is prone to “white” lies, lying by omission, and falsification of reports. As a Major Hindrance the character is a pathological liar that will make outright false claims, many of which are preposterous to a more astute observer.

Disloyal (Minor)

Your character looks out for herself first. Her first three priorities are “Me, Myself, and I”. She gets a benny when she leaves others to suffer as she disassociates herself from the group. It costs her a benny to stand up for others. Some characters hide their disloyalty by merely SEEMING to be loyal. This is common for politicians and fair-weather friends, especially in tandem with Dishonest.

Jealous (Minor)

Your character is envious of others. She wants to keep up with the Jones’ and have what they have (or at least what she thinks they have). She is not happy with what she has, instead wanting what others have. This is both physical acquisitions and accomplishments. She reacts poorly to her betters.

Lecherous (Minor)

Your character’s will is weak when it comes to the pleasures of the flesh. Your character’s libido is very high in comparison to others. Attractive and Very Attractive characters are especially enticing and difficult to resist “making a pass” to. Lecherous matched with Disloyal means that the character is also a “cheater”.
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#2 Postby Thunderforge » Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:46 pm

Provided that players are alright sticking with those negative behavioral Hindrances, then I think that would work out just fine!
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#3 Postby Lord Karick » Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:31 am

I also play with kids - they're 11 at the moment. This looks quite good.

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