MACE Nov 02-04 2012, North Carolina USA

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#21 Postby SavageGamerGirl » Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:21 am

Well I'm about to head out. I'll be leaving here at about 11:30 am, which should put me in Charlotte at around 3.

See ya'll then! :mrgreen:
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#22 Postby Pep » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:55 am

This was a fantastic weekend! I only played two RPGs and two boardgames but I needed a break from real life and MACE delivered again. It was great seeing all the Savages and thanks lots to Shane for coming out to the con.


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#23 Postby SavageGamerGirl » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:58 am

Same here! I had a great time, and it was good seeing all my friends again!

I ran the Ponyville Horror once again, and once again I had a table full of young girls... and one very self-conscious guy! :lol:

I ran Call of Cthulhu for the first time in years, and the adventure I ran -- an odd one even for CoC -- was part Lovecraftian horror, part dungeon-crawl. That's why I chose it for con play. The players had a great time, and although two were badly injured at the end, no one died or went permanently insane! :eek: Hmm... maybe I need to turn in my Call of Cthulhu Keeper badge...

The Kerberos Club game I ran for SSN was also a success, although it didn't progress to the point where the players were able to figure out just what was going on. I ran the sample adventure from the book, and streamlined it for con play, but perhaps I didn't streamline it quite enough. We also did get a bit of a late start because of the auction, so that might also be part of it. Either way, I'll definitely run it again.
'But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked.

'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: 'we're all mad here.'

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#24 Postby seawolf1969 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:10 am

Thanks to everyone for a great MACE. Best ever, especially for Savage Worlds. I really want to run Terracide!


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Re: Thanks!

#25 Postby Xavier Onassiss » Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:26 pm

seawolf1969 wrote:Thanks to everyone for a great MACE. Best ever, especially for Savage Worlds. I really want to run Terracide!


I'd like that too, 'cuz then I'd finally get to play it! :mrgreen:
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#26 Postby gleepism » Tue Nov 06, 2012 3:48 pm

Mace 2012

As with my previous write-ups, this is my own experience at the convention, more than a little skewed by the particular events I participated in--by all means not a view of the convention as a whole.

Let me say this straight out: Jeff, Ron and the volunteers did an awesome job! The convention was great! Thanks, guys!

This was MACE's first year at the University Hilton but most of us that go to MACE were already familiar with the hotel since ConCarolinas has been located there for a few years now. As with previous experiences, the hotel staff were friendly, kept the place tidy, and were otherwise unobtrusive. MACE's own snack and sub shop, the Grinning Goblin, was in full swing with a well-located snack booth and sandwich deliveries from Jersey Mikes.

I spent the entire weekend in a blur of gaming, with only a little time between to check out the dealer's room or the panels (embarrassingly enough, the couple times I did have time to hunt down a panel or two, I forgot they were there... Oops.)

My first game of the weekend was in the Friday Afternoon time slot (3-7) and a I barely managed to get to the table on time. I had left later than I planned (my fault!) and traffic was not kind to me on the way down. I was disappointed to see only one player, but he was willing to game and so was I (I'm not against running a game for just one or two players, but I realize half the adventure of Con games is playing with a table of people.) I had spent a lot of time with those character sheets and wanted to show them off to as many players as possible. :) While we waited a while to see if any other players would drift onto the shores of the table, we had plenty of time to talk about the characters in depth and talk about the system. The scenario I was running for that slot was a new one, "A Rescue in Time", a sci-fi scenario featuring legendary rank characters in the Empire of a Thousand Stars setting on a mission to rescue schoolgirls trapped by a time travel mishap. The player was new to savage worlds and with just one player it was easy to demonstrate different aspects of the Savage Worlds rules and let him try out different options and generally do things that I wouldn't have had time for with a full table. I think it went well, we both had fun and he had some spectacular rolls to brag about during the big combat at the end (ace! ace! ace! ace! ace! ace!).

My next game was Charles White's savage Stargate. Those poor Jaffa didn't know what hit them, and that's one system lord that will hate and loath the Tau'ri. We played a group of soldiers and a diplomat whom we gleefully taught the age-old method of negotiation through head shots. Charles had a great plot threaded through his scenario with some twists and turns and it is well worth checking out if he runs it at another con.

Saturday morning brought a hotel breakfast (am I the only one that the hotel comps for these things?) and a game of Fiasco. It was my first time playing but I've been hearing (or reading) about it in the Beautiful Brains weekly chats for some time. I have to say it is fun, complex, a bit weird, and extremely creative. We ended up with a classic tale of murder, diamond smuggling, bat-disguising, reptile-house burning, promotion-wrangling, deceit, and confusion set in a zoo. I'm going to have to introduce it to my players--most of them really like the story-telling aspects of role playing so I think they'll love it.

The afternoon slot was a reprisal of my "Pirates of the Flowstone" scenario (Steampunk/Fantasy/Mad Scientists/Psionics using the superpowers companion). I offered to hand out chocolate chip cookies to use as bennies, but for some reason all I got were horrified looks from a table of players (they still finished most of the bag, though). With the theme of fighting pirates, there was plenty of opportunity for fighting... though the players were doing so well the pirates were soon surrendering in droves! Unfortunately, I didn't quite have the pacing down right for them to get to the third (& final) conflict of the adventure, but the second conflict went quite well. We all had a great time stumbling our way through the first couple scenes. (For those that are curious, the next part should debut at Mace West '13).

That night was Savage Saturday Night. I had signed up for Nick's "Beasts and Barbarians" game and it was, quite frankly, fantastic. The characters really evoked a sense of a Conan-esque mythic past. I've seen the sword and sorcery genre done through many rule systems so far but I believe using Savage Worlds really adds to the style. I think Robert E Howard would have been proud of our adventure that night--though I'm sure his Puritan would have been horrified we were playing it next to a group of school-girls. Fortunately, I think the girls were too engrossed in their own game to notice the euphemisms that were flying like daggers at the table next door.

Sunday morning arrived much too soon--thank goodness for caffeine (Ceylon black OP leaves yumm!). Gordon had volunteered to take over Tommy's savage mad-lib heroes game. The characters were fun and interesting and the villain had us cracking up. It was a fun game full of that particular Sunday-morning con-silliness. Add Gordon to that and you know it was a good time!

For the Sunday afternoon slot, I was running "Give the Kobolds a Chance", where the characters are hired by a group of kobolds that need heroes. Well, they're desperate enough to hire the player characters anyway. :) This scenario is actually based off a long-running fantasy campaign (it started in 3.5D&D and was rebooted into Savage Worlds) and is part of a series. The adventure before (Hairy Tales) is also the origin of The Savage Chicken AKA Cluck Norris. Now I don't try to be too serious for the Sunday afternoon game--and I think this session lived up to the tradition! In honor of silliness, and Halloween, my bennies were tootsie rolls and the power points for arcane casters were wafers (coconut and guava). I tried to give Louis a bag of Skittle mini-packs for his miracle power points but he seemed content with the old fashion method of just using pencil and paper. I've no clue why :).

The player for the wizard told me the package of wafers was "diabolical". . . . Best. Compliment. Ever!

During that game, one of the things that I love the most about the Savage Worlds system occurred. As I was rummaging around in my bag of gaming goodies for a wooden block to use for a golem, my hand closed on a cube of d6s with an attendant rattle. Inspiration struck. With SW's emphasis on simplicity, by the time that cube was placed on the table I had figured out a new monster for the heroes to fight. And thus was born the glass-cube filled with attack lawn-dwarves!

One of the best things about Savage Worlds is the community--players, developers, GMs alike--without you guys, Savage Worlds would be a great system but wouldn't be as much pure fun. You guys rock!

A horde of bennies were spent and great fun was had!
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#27 Postby Savage Greek » Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:08 pm

I had a great time at the MACE convention! It was really cool to meet Shane Hensley, although I wish I had gotten a chance to game with him. Maybe next time. He is funny, and a very down to earth kind of guy.

There were a TON of Savage Worlds games to chose from and the SAVAGE ENERGY was just amazing. Thank you to everyone who played in my games and for the the GM's who ran such great games all weekend. The hotel was spacious and we had plenty of room for all of the various activities. The auction was very entertaining, Ron and Jeff had everyone cracking up. They must be working on a stand-up routine or something.

There was also a really well organized KIDS track too! (Thanks to Jodi Black). Trust me, bring your kids next year, they will love it!

The grinning Goblin was awesome about delivering food right to the gaming tables, and in a timely fashion to boot. I have never seen such awesome service at a gaming convention. I don't know how they do it with all the chaos, but they get it done with a smile!

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better time. Every year MACE seems to get better and better! I was very impressed! :-D
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