[Rippers] A new idea for Reason

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[Rippers] A new idea for Reason

#1 Postby dentris » Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:57 pm

I never really liked Reason as written in Rippers. No single player (except my brothers, who actually like playing unstable characters) installed rippertech in my campaign before i made noticeable changes to how Reason affected characters...

Unfortunatly, my changes actually made ripping psychosis almost impossible. So i though about radical changes and i want to know what you think.


Reason is treated as written when implanting rippertech. However, reason now only gives a penalty to spellcasting and miracle roll, as well as a penalty to rolls on the fright table.

In addition, every player receive a Psychosis Benny in place of one of their usual benny. It may be used as a normal benny or as a powerful boost for characters. When used, a Psychosis Benny allows a reroll or a soak roll with a bonus equal to the Reason modifier (penalties and bonuses are treated as bonuses). However, upon using a psychosis benny, the character must roll on the fright table immediatly after the action as if he failed a fright roll.

In addition, the GM should give an additional Psychosis benny to any character that fails a fright roll
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#2 Postby Bavix » Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:58 pm

I quickly came to the same conclusion in my Rippers campaign. Rippertech really has the opposite effect than it should have. It should help fortify against the horrors of the night, but even simple implants give penalties to ALL Spirit-based rolls. It just struck me as a major disconnect between not being able to pass a Fear test or recover from Shaken one minute to getting Ripping Psychosis the next. It seems that rippertech should give the Berserk edge or something similar, with penalties to recover from it for the more rippertech one has implanted.

I actually dumped Reason completely and implemented the Sanity rules from the Horror Companion instead. The Reason modifier for implanted rippertech just acts as Sanity loss. Unfortunatly, Sanity lost to rippertech cannot be healed magically—since the implant is a constant reminder to the user. But time and therapy can make it easier for the user to live with what they have done. The "23+ Permanent Psychosis" result on the Horror Companion's Psychosis Table is what I consider falling into Ripping Psychosis.

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