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Modeling tools

#1 Postby VonDan » Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:29 pm

Let us talk about common tools we use when working with models, minis, Terrain and Set pieces


#2 — Larger version of #11 blade, designed for use with #2 or #5 knives. Sharp angle for precision cutting of medium to heavy-weight materials. Available for bulk purchase or in a safety dispenser package.

#10 — For general cutting, carving, correcting stencils. Fits #1 and X2000 knives.

#11 — Extremely sharp point for fine angle cutting and stripping. Fits #1 and X2000 knives. Stainless steel. Also available for bulk purchase in carbonized steel or in a safety dispenser package.

#11 Modified — Similar to #11 blade, but with a broader top for a stronger, more flexible point.

#12 — Mini blade for cutting and carving. Fits #1 and X2000 knives.

#15 — Keyhole blade for interior cuts on soft wood, foam, and plastic. Fits #2 and #5 knives.

#16 — For stenciling, scoring, etching. Fits #1 and X2000 knives. Available for bulk purchase or in a safety dispenser package.

#17 — Lightweight chiseling blade. Fits #1 and X2000 knives.

#18 — 1/2" chisel for deep cross cuts and paint scraping. Fits #2 and #5 knives.

#22 — For general shaping, whittling, trimming. Fits #2 and #5 knives.

#23 — Double-edge for close quarter, angled corners, stripping. Fits #2 and #5 knives.

#24 — Close corner cuts for templates, mats, deburring, and trimming. Fits #2 and #5 knives. Available for bulk purchase.

#25 — General carving, whittling, heavy cutting. Fits #2 and #5 knives.

#26 — Carving blade for whittling and general woodcarving. Fits #2 or #5 knives.

#28 — Hooked for curved shaping, whittling, leather carving, lino cutting, etc. Fits #2 and #5 knives.

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#2 Postby Neal5x5 » Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:50 pm

Thanks for putting this up. I usually only have a #1 or a #11 handy and make due. I always wondered what the others ones were for and now I know why I should have bought them.
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#3 Postby VonDan » Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:43 pm

I recently used up the last of my medical blades i got when i worked at the hospital, every time a case of blades was dropped and spilled on the floor of the store room I got them, they were mostly the 10 and 11 the same as Xacto then the larger sizes of the same shapes they called the 20 and 21

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#4 Postby JDSampo » Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:24 pm

11 & 2 for me. I have a bunch of the other blades but they've been sitting in a box unused for years.
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