New Edges For Showdown!

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New Edges For Showdown!

#1 Postby frankfrey » Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:05 pm


Here are some new Edges from SW that I've adopted for Showdown complete with point costs.

Command Voice : This Edge doubles a figures Command radius from 5" to 10" (10 pts)

Elan : When spending a Benny, add +2 to the results (10 pts) Note: If a Leader is the only one in the unit with Elan, he can only use it on himself.

Leader Of Men : A Leader with this Edge can make a group roll for his troops using a d10 instead of a d6. (15 pts)

Grazing Fire : When using Supressive Fire, targets inside the Medium Burst Template who roll a 1 or a 2 on their Spirit Die are hit and take damage. (10 pts)

Hose 'em Down : When using Suppressive Fire, the Shooter uses two Medium Burst Templates. The second one must be adjacent to the first one but can be in any direction. (10 pts)

For non gunpowder armies, I rename the Edges "With Deadly Effect" (Grazing Fire) and "Storm of Missles" (Hose 'em Down).

I look forward to your comments.

Frank Frey

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