Notes from an Active Reloaded Campaign

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Notes from an Active Reloaded Campaign

#1 Postby Stampede » Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:08 pm

Hey folks! My players use Google Documents to keep shared notes during the course of our campaigns. I wanted to share their collected notes so far from our current running Hell on Earth game set in Missouri. Feel free to take a look and get an idea of what's happened so far!

Hell on Earth – The Wasted West 2012

Spring, 2097. Starting in Missouri. All of the Documents start with a quick snyposis of what happened in the previous session to help remind everyone what's taken place so far. Previous session synopsis are at the end of the notes.

Begin Notes!

Episode VII - When We Last Left Our Heroes - The party met several Brighton survivors, including Mike Cleveland, a Syker with certain eccentricities. They then went to rescue several more scavengers. With the aid of Mike and his knives, they were able to to distract the zombies long enough to get the scavengers to their van and hit the road, rejoining the convoy. The rest of the trip to Union was uneventful. After all was explained to the town, they decided to recognize the party as Citizens of Union. The party is now resting after their ordeal, in preparation for their next adventure...

The Characters
John (Shawn)– Templar. Wields Ram Dao. 20 1/2. Brawny, tank + blue jeans, work boots. Maze polyglot.
Hank Birch (Mike)– Schismatic Doomsayer, Folk Rock taleteller. 43
Doc Joseph Tabernacle (Nick)– Elderly Junker. Late 70s. Mutated tentacle leg, commands automatons. Thick white unruly hair. Travelling leathers. Wheelchair. Might be German. Or crazy. Or both.
Eric 'Sonny' Sondheim (Shane)– Librarian, Student of Tactics. 39. Thin Larry the Cable Guy, lensless glasses, button-up shirt with scavenged buttons, ripped jean shorts.
Harvey (Al) - Truck Driver and Gunslinger. 72. Frail, but a deadeye.Mike Cleveland (Mario) - Faraway Syker, mercenary. 35. Telekinetic Knife Master, a bid odd.

Party NPCs
Stevil - An Automaton. Articulate hands. Farmer’s straw hat.
Rolf - An Automaton. More bulk. Deerstalker cap.
Harvold - An Automaton who bears no resemblance whatsoever to the late Sheriff Harold. Involuntary redemption.

Ruby Kwan - Chamber Member, late 20s, Asian, staff w/ lamplight on top, labcoat with arcane symbols, thick goggles, Looking for adventurers to go into St. Louis; we’ll accompany her after she proves herself on the caravan.

Ruby: Strength D4, Agility D8, Smarts D10, Spirit D8, Vigor D6
Fighting D4, Shooting D6, Weird Science D8, Stealth D10
Strain: 15 Powers: Environmental Protection, Light/Obscure, Invisibility
Toughness: 7 (5) Improvised Armor.

Jess: Strength D6, Agility D6, Smarts D8, Spirit D10, Vigor D6
Fighting D8, Shooting D8, Blasting D10
Strain: 20 Powers: Bolt, Mind Reading, Barrier, Telekensis
Toughness: 7/9 (Bullets) (5) Kevlar Vest

Moberry Citizen Guard
Attributes: D6 in everything.
Shooting D6, Fighting D4, Toughness: 5

Our Vehicles
The Humvee - Doc’s ride. Military Surplus, desert camo color scheme mixed with salvaged parts and rust. Rides high, extra plating, spiky prow.
The Glow Rider - Muscle car claimed from the Banditos. Purple with green highlights. Symbol of the Cult painted on the hood. Green lights and highlights. Green-painted leather interior. Radiation symbols on the door. 2-door, seats 6.
The Wheelchair - Usually pushed by an Automaton. Blanket over the legs.

Union – Pop. 500, biggest/most traveled settlement in Missouri.
New Town – Pop. 100. Small mutant enclave, does a lot of trading. South. past St. Louis.
Moberry – Pop. 200, more secluded, known to be farmers. Dairy. 100 mi SW of Union. Has a deal with the Combine. Oh, I’m sorry, should I have mentioned that earlier?
St. Louis – Ruins. Not often picked over because of Mississippi proximity. Directly S of Union.
Jacobsville-unknown at this time.
Huntington- Pop 500+, Large Settlement Southern Missouri near the Kansas Border.
Brighton - Pop. Zombie. Small settlement that got overrun.

Road Gangs
Banditos – lowrider-themed Road Gang. 25 bullets/kill
Road Punks – Punk-themed Road Gang. Based out of MCCC. 10 bullets/kill
Chains – Road Gang. Slavers. 50 bullets/kill
Fangs – Motorcycle Road Gang. Leave no survivors. 50 bullets/kill. Might be a vampire and

Road Gang People
Axel – Road Punk leader. Junker. Drives a short bus. Carla’s son.

Union Stuff
Welcome Center – Former Dunkin Donuts, Gas and supplies.
Sheriff's Office - Brick, Placard on the Front
Carla's Garage – Mechanic, junkyard, spook juice distillery.
Ammo – Run by Roger, weapon shoppe. Bullet manufactory.
Library - Library and Public School
Union Medical Center
Frank's Sports Bar – Bar, grill and brewery. brick, 1 story, windows, hardwood floors, central bar, TVs showing sport reruns
*Motel 6: Low rent digs for newcomers.
Leland Rest: Hotel, 4 stories, nice place, indoor pool and rec center!

Union People
Hopton Sinclair - Mayor. Black, 40s, gray hair. Tweed jacket.
Jake Mathers - Sheriff, Faraway Syker. Wears traditional sheriff’s uniform + hat.
Jess Mathers - Deputy. Female, bald, Jake’s daughter.
Dr. Carla Rogers - Runs garage. Junker with several students. Former Hellstromme employee. Axel’s Mom.40s, heavy set
Doctor Nauhamna - Runs the medical center. Older Indian man. Has a daughter in New Town.
Brenda - Schoolmarm and head librarian.
Roger Gerome- Runs Ammo. Middle-aged, gut.
Ruby Kwan - Looking for adventurers to go into St. Louis; we’ll accompany her after she proves herself on the caravan.
Lisa Collins - 24, Older sister. Co-owner at Frank’s,
Melanie Collins - 16, Younger sister. Co-owner at Frank’s, has ex-BF in Moberry.

So-Called ‘Reasons’ To Risk Getting All Of Your Flesh Eaten In The Ruins Of St. Louis
-St. Louis Municipal Library had a rare book collection, including occult tomes from the Big Easy. They also had a Microfiche reader, which Union doesn’t have.
-Need to make money? I’m gonna say a word, just, just one word - contraceptives.
-Rumors of old military complexes beneath the city - including a Hellstromme Industries research facility. There are rumors of a nanotech panacea, which the Chamber searches for. And we have been John Campbell-ed into helping Ms. Kwan look.
-And the Doomsayer might wanna stop by a Guitar Center to see if there’s a replacement.
-The Black Tabard has been seen in the area.
-THE BRIDGES ARE STILL UP. There’s four of them, and they really, really need to not be here.

The Caravan
Carla is sending out farm equipment parts and two mechanics to install them.
Lisa is sending several hundred units of beer, Melanie delivering (being a dumb teenager).
Roger is sending several thousand ammo rounds and two of his gunsmiths to oversee.
In return, they expect-
Several hundred barrels of Grain
Several hundred pounds of Beef
Several hundred pounds of Milk.
Two trucks making the journey each way, inc. a refrigerated truck on the way back.

Members of the Caravan
Deputy Jess
One Extra Deputy
Mechanic One - Burt
Mechanic Two
Melanie Collins
Gunsmith One
Gunsmith Two

The Order(Way Back)
Humvee - Doc, John, Melanie, Ruby, Harvey
Milk Truck - Two Mechanics
Van - Daisy, Mike, Mindy, Mikey, Tina, 3 Other Survivors
Refrigerated Truck (w/Fighting Position) - Two Gunsmiths, Stevil on Gun
Pickup Truck - Deputy, Hank, Rolf in back

Moberry People
Lenny - Melanie’s “boyfriend”
Sammy - Douchey Goth guy who wants to be a vampire. DEAD Obviously needed more Fortitude.
Morris- Lenny’s Father, head of community.
Harold- Head of Moberry Security. Always been bad news. Happy to help the Combine. DEAD Stove’d.
Juan- Hispanic Priest, not originally Moberry resident
Paul- runs the Silo Tavern
Tina - Morris’s wife

Brighton Survivors
Daisy - African-american, 30s, tall+skinny.
Vito - Greasy hair, balding DEAD: Keep hands and feet within the vehicle at all times.
Mike Cleveland
Mindy - 30s, blond
Mikey - asian, 12
Tina - girl, 8
Three Others

Moberry Locations
North Side:
Grain, Animals, Dairy Processing, not populated.
Barn full of cells where they keep prisoners for the Black Hats. Oops, I should’ve said that earlier.

South Side: Main Gate entrance, Cluster of visitor center.
Ma’s Diner
Silo Bar
Waverly Motel

West Side: Church Hall.

Mike Cleveland's Knives
…..None. Because they’re not real.

But If They Were Real!
Alastair - Throwing Knife. Telekinetic Powers.
Sir Sever - The Machete. Can fly and carry others. Knightly and virtuous.
Jim-Joe - Bowie Knife. Protective, southern.
Dave - Bowie Knife. Protective, practical.
Xer - Throwing Knife. Optimistic.
Yer - Throwing Knife. Pessimistic.
King of White Dragon - John’s Ram Dao. Angry and stern.

The Baddies
Bob Thacker - Head of Combine in area. One eye. Takes kids hostage. DEAD Manual Headbanger activation.

Kill Count
24 Banditos
4 Bandito muscle cars
81 Walkin’ Dead
6 Trainee Black Hats
34 Black Hats
4 Automatons
1 Red Hat
1 Troop Transport
3 Humvees
1 Semi-Truck

Successful Campaigns
Battle of the Gas Station
Battle of Exit 23
Battle of the Front Yard
Battle of Moberry, in which two citizens died.
The Brighton Rescue

Time to Escape Barn - Just over three hours.

Loot (Goods)
7 - non perishable meals
10 - rechargable batteries
Bundles of Kindling ($2000 USD)
3 pairs shoes
1 10’ chain w lock

Loot (Weapons)
1- NA Sidearm (9mm)
2 - NA Commando (5.56mm)
1 - H&K MP20 (9mm), 2 magazines

Loot (Ammo)
66 - 9mm

Loot (Shared Equipment/In Use)
1 - SA SAW (.50)
2 - NA Commando (5.56mm)
340 - .50
133 - 5.56mm

Gadgets Remaining
Plasma Thrower (2 Shots Remaining)
Plasma Thrower (2 Shots Remaining)
Kinetic Generator (Havoc) 4PP
Thermal Stinger (Blast) 4PP

Base Automaton Stats
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d4, Strength d10, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d6, Intimidation d6, Notice d4, Shooting d6
Pace: 6, Parry: 5, Toughness: 10 (3)
Special Abilities
* Punch: Str+d6
*Fearless: Immune to Fear and Intimidate
*Construct:+2 to recover from Shaken, no extra damage from called shots.

With a Raise, customization can be added to the Automaton, examples include
*Steady Hands edge: Ignore penalties for unstable platforms.
*Step increase to an attribute.
*Clawed Hands Str+D8 damage.
*+2 Armor

Episode VI - When We Last Left Our Heroes - On the return trip to Union, the party encountered zombies swarming the town of Brighton, then heard survivors calling for help. The trucks were sent on their own, and the party took the Humvee through the horde, and was able to rescue survivors from the police station moments before the horde descended...

Episode V - When We Last Left Our Heroes - After preparations were made, the Combine invasion force arrived, and the Battle of Moberry commenced. In the end, two of the townsfolk died, but the town’s defenders were victorious. In the aftermath, Jess decided to stay and help the town rebuild, while everyone realized that the nature of the Black Hat’s forces meant that the Combine must have a hidden factory fortress in the area...

Episode IV - When We Last Left Our Heroes - Drugs in the food at dinner saw the entire party imprisoned, to be given to the Combine. Meeting with Harvey in the barn, they all escaped and made their way to the Mayor’s house, convincing him to take a stand. After victory against Harold and his goons in the Battle of the Front Porch, the party’s gear was retrieved. The next day, the town was told of Mayor Morris’s valiant stand against Harold, and seemed relieved to see him gone. Now, the town looks forward in trepidation to the impending arrival of the Combine...

Episode III - When We Last Left Our Heroes - The dead can’t dance. Neither can gothy teens.

Episode II - When We Last Left Our Heroes - Within Union, the party ran into their friend, Doc Tabernacle. After talking to the owners of Frank’s Sports Bar, they decided to serve as guards on a supply caravan to the farming town of Moberry. A large group of Banditos attempted to hijack the supplies, but they were driven off, and the caravan continued on its way...

Episode I - When We Last Left Our Heroes - Walking across the wastes of Missouri, the party encountered ghosts of a mass suicide church, and defeated a Bandito ambush. Taking one of the low riders, they drove the rest of the way to their destination - the City of Union, along the way they encountered the leader of yet another roadgang, Axel of the Roadpunks. He told the party to say Hi to his mother for him, eventually the party arrived at Union...

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#2 Postby Eduardo » Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:32 am

Really cool. I can see you guys are having fun!

Very inspiring! :)

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That sounds like a lot of fun. Keep the updates coming.
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