(HoER) Campaign Ideas

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(HoER) Campaign Ideas

#1 Postby Wannabe » Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:45 pm

Hello all!

I recently purchased Hell on Earth: Reloaded, and am truly excited about running this game. Unfortunately, the lack of a plot-point is causing me some consternation on how to begin and maintain the game. To remedy this situation I thought I would approach you good people for help on where to start.

A brief history on my own experience: I have run many RPGs over the last decade and a half, from AD&D, 3.5, 4e, and then in the last couple of years moved into Savage Worlds, currently about a third of the way through Zombie Run. I work full-time, go to school full-time, and have a family. Despite it all, I have a small block on Sunday mornings I can game during. So, my primary limitation is time.

With Hell on Earth, I am chomping at the bit to move forward and begin, but I have become spoiled by other Savage Settings that contain a plot point or adventure generator. What do you suggest I do regarding this? I have access to a multitude of Deadlands:Reloaded material, which I assume can convert relatively easily, but I was looking to run Blood Drive for a newly begun Deadlands game when I saw Hell on Earth had been given the Savage treatment and my players insisted on post-apocalypse.

1) Where should I begin?

2) What other material should I procure?

3) Adventure Generation: After research through these forums, I discovered Days of Ragnarok had a compatible adventure generator, and so I picked it up. It seems very helpful, but still requires a lot of work on my side to fit the themes and setting of HoE instead of DoR. Is there a different way I can go about doing adventure generation that is not time intensive?

4) Many, many years ago I picked up Expedition to Castle Ravenloft for 3.5 D&D. I never actually got to run the game, and it saddened me because the vast amount of material begged to be put on the table-top. So, I've been looking for a clever way to convert it to Savage Worlds, and I think I have it with Hell on Earth. I have two options and I could not decide on the better of the two:

--------------WARNING SPOILER AHEAD--------------

A) Barovia, the primary town in Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, and surrounding land could be a large mesa within the Great Maze, cut off from all land routes and no easy climb from the water. This lends itself to the isolation themes in the adventure as written.

B) It could all be a virtualization run by The GameMaster in the Wizard's Tower of Seattle. While this option definitely has more flair, it is also entirely campy and would keep my easily distracted players from focusing on completing the goals and just try to tear down the 'invisible walls' created by the nature of the virtual world created by The GameMaster.

Which of those two do you good people think is the better option? I like the idea of adding guns and junkertech to the world of Ravenloft from option A, but Option B can serve as an excellent introduction to the power of The GameMaster.

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#2 Postby The One » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:42 pm

I'd consider using Option B, and try to keep the players a little in the dark as well. Have them generate a HoE character, but then take those characters and use these to build a stripped down "fantasy" character

At the start of the first session, explain that you want to run through a taster adventure to help them get used to the rules, and hand them the fantasy variant of their character.

In-character, they initially think they're heroes off to stop the vampire count, but seed clues that all is not as it seems, drop hints about their true nature and let them slowly gain their HoE abilities.

The real adventure will be breaking free of the program, without drawing the wrath of the Games Master down on them for being cheats or spoil sports.
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#3 Postby Doc Firefly » Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:21 pm

I am currently running my third HoE campagin and I wanted to do something different, but along the lines of an epic quest like you would see in a fantasy novel.
The current campaign I am running is pitting the PC against a possessed Confederate defense supercomputer call FORBIN (because I like making pop culture references). The represent the last of a band of 49 heroes that were gathered to fight FORBIN. The first part of the first adventure had them escaping the battlefield while being attacked by ther cyberundead. They were killed, but their escape vehicle was an APC turned autoDoc wagon that was able to revive them after it crashed, Later they discovered (though the ghost of their leader the Shaman Three-Rivers
) that they must collect 10 gaming dice that once belonged to Gary Gygax in order to stop FORBIN from taking over the world. So far they have manage to get the D* from a bike messenger who had been captured by the clowns on Dempsy Island (substituting Gabe-the messenger for the woman strapped to the top of the roller coaster). They have encountered a Doombringer, bandits, wormling, more bandits and a lurker/agents of FORBIN (disguised as a Savaging mother and children). My players really like the campaign so far and I have been able to stay away from the main story line of Combine/Green Doomies/Raven vs the good guys.
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#4 Postby MGibster » Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:37 am

I've run HOE a few times using the original system and am currently running a campaign under the Reloaded rules. I decided to something different and set the campaign in a specific geographic area. The player characters are based out of Little Rock, Arkansas and are currently involved in an effort to build/repair the rail road from there to nearby El Dorado. So the players will be seeing the same NPCs from week to week.

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#5 Postby McCurmudgeon » Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:41 pm

I haven't fully read through HoE:R but if you need more info on locations check out HoE classics on the various locations. Junkyard and it's surrounding area is a good place to start especially if you have the Iron Oasis classic pdf.

Other ideas would to have your characters start all being from a small settlement (Maybe use Coffin Rock from DL:R but tweaked a bit) and run a few sessions based there. Then one day when they are out of town (a supply run, getting rid of some creature that had been skulking around, etc.) the town is attacked destroyed. Maybe they find one person barely alive who tells them who did it, or they go out searching for who did it without any clues. I find that vengeance makes very good party glue and this gives you room to run off shoot adventures while they chase after whoever did it.

You could also make it so their town was of specific importance and destroying it and killing all the people released some great intangible evil, or is one of however many seals to release this evil.

On another note with the Castle Ravenloft idea, I was going to suggest the GameMaster but I kinda like the idea of it being in the Maze with junker-tech. That fits more with the theme of the setting.

I've actually always wanted to run a sort of Shadow Run/general Cyberpunk using the GameMaster set in pre-bomb Deadwood. At first the heroes think they've traveled back in time, but theres something a little bit off.

Just my suggestions and ideas. I hope you find them useful and feedback is always appreciated

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#6 Postby Ray » Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:45 pm

I've always been successful in Spaceballs: The HoE RPG: The Search For More Money.

Essentially, make as much lootage as possible while salvaging the steel shavings from wrecked machinery and fighting off the horrors that Man Was Not Meant To Know.

And, occasionally, save a few settlements. Typically by mistake. :lol:
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