Alpha Draconis: Legacy Weapons Updated with pistol examples

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Alpha Draconis: Legacy Weapons Updated with pistol examples

#1 Postby OSIAdept » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:35 am

Hey guys thought i would share my progress in regards to my space opera/cyberpunk setting Alpha Draconis. Todays discussion are Legacy Weapons.

This idea stems from a variety of FPS games and mass effect. I really dont need a vast multitude of guns just maybe a dozen or so standards. Guns that are a staple of the setting.

With that in mind i decided to use 6 categories of weapons

heavy weapons

Uniques are specialized versions of the other 5 categories (a named weapon if you wilLet me know what you think
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#2 Postby GranFalloon » Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:07 pm

That's kinda what I do with Deadlands. You can call your pistol or rifle whatever you like, but I'm not having the slightest hand in keeping track of different ammo types and whatnot.

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#3 Postby OSIAdept » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:40 am

To start things off i will show case the pistol selection
All standard firearms run of a UPC (Universal Power Cell)


Knight Errant Armory M6 Ronin ACP (Adaptive Combat Pistol)
Description: A standard in the AD system among corporate security and merc companies
Cost: 225 cr Dmg: 2d6 Wght: 3lbs Rng: 24/48/96 Rof: 1 Shots: 24 Ammo: UPC
Notes: 1 ap, 3rb, can be outfitted a variety of of pistol modifications

Shirow Technologies Mk-8 Scorpion Arc Pistol
Description: Designed to take down both robots and cyborgs the Ark Pistol emits a powerful Ion Pulse at the target.
Cost: 500 cr Dmg: 2d8 Wght: 4lbs Rng: 8/16/32 Rof: 1, Shots: 12 Ammo: UPC
Notes: Robots, Androids, and Cyborgs (Any living being with cybernetic implants) suffer a -2 to soak damage from an Ark pistol

Knight Errant Armory M-19 Crusader Heavy Pistol
Description: This heavy pistol combines the power of a shotgun with the grace of the pistol, The Crusader has quickly risen to be the premier personal Defense pistol in the AD system
Cost: 450 cr Dmg: 1-3d4 Wght: 5lbs Rng: 7/14/28 Rof: 1 Shots: 8 Ammo: UPC
Notes: The crusader follows the standar shot gun rules

Let Me know what you guys think

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#4 Postby ValhallaGH » Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:01 pm

I can see why the Ronin has become the standard. +2 shooting for 2d6+2 AP 1 (average 10 AP 1), at rifle-length engagement ranges, with an 8 round magazine (24 shots if you drop the +2 shooting and damage). That's excellent performance from a sidearm, especially for 225.

The Arc pistol is good for what it does. Good power, short range, but nasty against targets with wiring. 500 is a steep price, but might be the only thing that can save you from Kusanagi.

The Crusader is ... not good. Inside close combat range it's decent (+2 shooting for 3d4 damage - average 9), but you're probably better off pulling out a sword (Str+d8, Fighting with a +2 versus Unarmed Defenders, not to mention Wild Attack, etc). This is especially true when it's twice the price of the M6 Ronin, with the same magazine size, shorter range increments, and half-again the weight. Paying twice as much for half the gun is ... not good.
If it did regular shotgun damage (1-3d6, 3d6 average 12) then it would be competitive as a close-range back-up weapon. Powerful, but designed for situations where you only get one shot.
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#5 Postby OSIAdept » Mon Jul 16, 2012 4:00 pm

For the Crusader i was trying for a Taurus Judge type weapon. It shoots the the equivelant of a .410 round. So it is more of a hi-powered Hold Out

The ronin was inspired by the B&T TP9

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