HOE:R Slight Request

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HOE:R Slight Request

#1 Postby MagusRogue » Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:51 pm

Not sure how feasible this might be (maybe something for one of the freelancers on their spare time from working on hte Companion perhaps?), but one of the things I missed sorely from this product was trappings for SW spells in HOE. We simply got a suggestion list instead. Unlike its sister product, DL:R, which all powers in SW got their own makeover for the Weird West. Especially helpful were the power names. Bolt wasn't Bolt to Hucksters, it was Soul Blast. This helps 'converting' from Classic to Savaged, IMHO. Also, some powers worked differently for different Arcane Backgrounds.

Any possible chance of releasing a pdf with these trappings? I know its possible (there was that whole DL:R Deluxed released free of charge not more than a couple months ago), but is it feasible? Or is this just wishful thinking? Not looking for a reprint, but just a small PDF with all the Deluxe powers and their trappings in the Wasted West?

As an aside, a Radiation elemental trapping would be simply awesome (and even perhaps necessary with Doomslayers and some Junkers).

Just wishful thinking here!
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#2 Postby shinryu » Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:17 pm

Agreed it would be nice to have trappings all official like, but in the meantime if I remember correctly, virtually all offensive syker powers fire-based in some fashion (excepting the telekinetic rip and I think Chain Brain, which really doesn't have an equivalent in the new version). So figure it's all pyro all the time with sykers. There's a radiation trapping in the Super Powers Companion but it's quite nasty: essentially it's +2 to damage and a chance of picking up Terminally Ill. Might want to change that to chance of picking up a mutation or Ailin', but even that seems a bit potent. Alternatively, I could see radiation being either Fire/Heat or Light type trappings, depending on the power and user. A highly focused gamma beam Bolt probably could justify the AP 4, while the Fatigue from radiation exposure as per the Heat trapping in SWD actually seems pretty perfect given the general effects.

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#3 Postby beholdsa » Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:24 pm

I agree that this would be exactly what I'd want to see.

In the meantime, however, how about we fans get together and make a collective list.

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#4 Postby jpk » Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:14 pm

I think that's a great idea, myself. Be sure to take a double-peek at the Savage Fan License while you're at it.
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#5 Postby wanderingmystic » Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:11 am


Bolded text are limitation I added due to flavor of the original powers

originaly psyker powers were broken down into 5 different groups biokinesis (manipulating the body) 6 powers, psionics (mind and psyche) 11 powers, pyrokineses (fire) 2 powers :(, sykokenisis (supernatural energy)8 powers, and telekinesis (moving matter) 6 powers.

I have listed the groups and what powers belonged to then in case you wanted to theme your psyker

Agonizer {induces migraines} (bio): lower trait
Aztec Surprise {rip out heart} (tk): Telekinetic Squeeze
Backwash (syk): same name
Band-Aid (bio): succor
Blindside (bio): blind
Body Control (bio): boost trait or/& quicknessself only
Boneripping {rip and break bones} (tk): Telekinetic Squeeze
Brain Blast (syk): bolt may only use one bolt
Brain Slammer (syk): bolt when using more than one bolt at a time
Chain Brain (psi): stun
Force Field {invisible field} (syk): armor self only
Fleashknit (bio): healing (self only)
Hallucination {creates illusions} (psi): confusion or/& fear (note the main benefit isn't the status effect but the illusions themselves)
Heartstopper {shuts down organ} (tk): Telekinetic Squeeze
Here, Doggie! (psi): beast friend
Itsy-Bitsy Spider (tk): wall walker
Meat Puppet (psi): puppet
Mental Armor (psy): Arcane Resistance Edge
Mind Reader (psi): Mind Reading
Mind Wipe (psi): same name
Mindrider {sees through targets eyes} (psi): farsight
Nightmare (psi): lower trait must be cast on sleeping target, last for a day if check is failed
One-Man Army {creates multiple copies of you which all act identically} (syk): deflection self only
Predator {slight outline is left just like in the movie} (syk): invisibility
Psychic Link (psi): Mind Link
Pyro {small ball of intense fire} (pyr): bolt with a fire trapping
Skinwalker {make people think you look like someone else} (psi): disguise
Sleepy-Bye (bio):slumber
Slow Burn (pyr): same name
Sturm und Drang (syk): drain power points
Telekinesis (tk): same name
Telekinetic Storm {swirling debris} (tk): havoc (really more of a blast effect but the imagery of havoc works perfect for this power)
Third Eye {creates a large luminous eye in the center of forehead} (syk) : detect/conceal arcana

Bolt and Telekinetic Squeeze can be represented by multiple powers in the original book depending on how you are using them.

These powers have not been previously used.

fly: listed as a possible effect but not t o fast

slow: no clue
smite: tk improved weapons are greatly appreciated especially since psykers are so gun oriented
speak language: makes perfect sense but no know power associated
speed: meh dont like this one sine they talk about how you can use tk to move very fast. Personally I feel like blast would have been a better choice

We have lost a few abilities in the transition, most notably Arson (Blast with a fire trapping), and subtle effects like Bogus! (jedi mind tricks), Manipulator (control emotions), Memory maker (rewrite the subject's mind)and tattletale (con people into unknowingly tell you information)

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