Errors and Inconsistencies in Edges Summary Table

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Errors and Inconsistencies in Edges Summary Table

#1 Postby Thunderforge » Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:03 pm

Our group has found a number of inconsistencies in the Edges summary table in Savage Worlds Deluxe (pgs. 48-49 in the big book) and found that there were several errors in the Edges listed compared with their entries in the Edges chapter. We've finally taken the time to write them all down (and I added a few more). Perhaps we're just being a bit too OCD, but I figured I would bring them up so they could be fixed in the next printing:

  • Fleet-footed's requirements are "Novice" on the table, but "Novice, Agility d6+" in the Edges section
  • Quick's requirements are "Novice" on the table, but "Novice, Agility d8+" in the Edges section
  • The Rich Edge in the summary table says that its requirements are "Noble Birth or Rich". Noble Birth is not an Edge, it should be changed to "Noble or Rich." Note that the Edges section says it as "Rich or Noble", so they should be changed to match
  • The Adept Edge in the summary table has the requirements "N, AB (Miracles), Faith d8+, Fighting d8+" but in the Edges section has the requirements "Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles), Martial Artist, Faith d8+, Fighting d8+" (the Martial Artist Edge is missing in the summary table)
  • In the summary table, most of the requirements for the new Edges added with Deluxe (e.g. Adept, Assassin, Improvisational Fighter) have a "+" after the trait die, but none of the other Edges do. For consistency, it should be dropped.
  • Sometimes the "WC" is first (e.g. Common Bond), sometimes its second (e.g. Sidekick) and sometimes its spelled out as "Wild Card" (e.g. Tactician). Whatever you decide, it should be consistent
  • "Improved Counterattack" is a long name and is not abbreviated. "Imp. Frenzy" is a short name and is abbreviated. Everything else is in between. I'd like to see them all abbreviated or all unabbreviated.
  • "Imp. Arcane Res" (no period after "Res") has the requirements "N, Arcane Res." (has a period after "Res")

Also, the Edges section lists Brawler's requirements as Novice, Str d8+, which is abbreviated even though all the others in the section aren't. Finally, the Leadership Edges in the Edges section have a pretty bizarre order that is not consistent with the other Edges (e.g. Tactician starts with rank, then an Edge, then that it's for wild cards).

Thanks for listening to my OCD rant!
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#2 Postby Clint » Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:01 am

Thanks, man. I know we got the Fleet Footed thing fixed a while back, but we'll check through all of them.
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