AetherCon 2012 - On-line RPG Con - Nov. 16 - 18

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AetherCon 2012 - On-line RPG Con - Nov. 16 - 18

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Grab your virtual dice bags folks and mark down November 16-18, 2012 on your calendar, as the AetherConOnline RPG Convention is coming to your computer! Best of all, it’s FREE!

We will be featuring tabletop RPGs of all types throughout the weekend, highlighted by four three-day tournaments of Pathfinder Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, and Shadowrun. Game tables will be run on the powerful, yet easy to use, Roll20 browser-based virtual tabletop. Learn more with the Roll20 tutorials and the Roll20 Live Stream.

Additionally, we will have a Vendor’s Hall, a Fest Hall (featuring one-hour moderated chat room Q&As with pairs of industry guests) and an Artist’s Enclave. We will be releasing free downloadable wallpapers, from our supporting artists, throughout the months leading up to the con.

Members of the Artists Enclave currently include Paul Abrams (TSR, CGL); Alex E. Alonso Bravo (DC Comics, Pixar, AEG); Brent Chumley (AEG); Jon Gibbons (AEG, PEG, Minion Games); John L Kaufmann (CGL); Eric Lofgren; (Paizo, White Wolf, Mongoose Publishing), Chris Malidore (Fantasy Flight Games, PEG), Patrick McAvoy (WotC, AEG, Fantasy Flight Games), Brad McDevitt (Chaosium, CGL, Battlefield Press), Jesse Mead (Fantasy Flight Games), and Aaron B. Miller (WotC, AEG, Open Design) among others.

You can find our current collection of wallpapers here:

Confirmed guests to date are Steven ‘Bull’ Ratkovich (CGL), Wedge Smith/Doug Bush (Chronicles of the Void), James Sutter (Paizo), and Lawrence Whittaker/Pete Nash (The Design Mechanism).

We have also been fortunate to have recruited Ryan Costello Jr (Paizo, 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming, Super Genius Games, Kobold Quarterly, 3.5 Private Sanctuary) to our staff as Guest Coordinator.

Game publishers to date confirmed as taking part in AetherCon, either through prize support, supplying guests, or taking a vendors booth include:
Battlefield Press, Catalyst Game Labs, Chaosium, Chronicles of the Void, Flying Buffalo Inc., Kenzer and Company, Paizo, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Skirmish Publishing LLC, Stardust Publications, Sundered Epoch The Design Mechanism, Third Eye Studios, Vigilance Press and Scrying Eye Games.

Tournaments we are featuring are:

Call of Cthulhu
Savage Worlds

Scheduled Games:

A Thousand One Nights
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Atomic Highway
Call of Cthulhu
Castles & Crusades
Dark Heresy
Eclipse Phase
Fantasy Craft
Labyrinth Lord
Legend of the Five Rings
Mouse Guard
Mutants & Masterminds
Pathfinder Society
Savage Worlds
Swords and Wizardry
WEG Star Wars

Be sure to visit our websites and show your support for AetherCon via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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