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#21 Postby SeeleyOne » Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:23 pm

Savage_Mask wrote:What I don't understand is the praise these players get from people in this thread for wanting to blow up the city. :?:

A big part of the point of NE is that you get to play a villain. Blowing people up and not worrying about collateral damage and the death of innocents is a part of the fun.

I played a few sessions as an evil party in the past. Those were short-lived campaigns but it was fun to be able to be the bad guys for a change. In one campaign we even had a sort of a contest going on about who could be the most evil. The poor minotaur was the nicest in the party and he would often ask out loud "who is the monster now?". My halfling was the most diabolical of all.
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