Extended Interludes

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Extended Interludes

#1 Postby The One » Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:43 am

I'm due to start Kerberos Club game next week, and am looking for some help in fleshing out an idea I had. I've chosen for the number of power points to increase with Natural Growth, but want to tie the idea of an orgin based quest, unique for each player to aquiring them.

For example, two of my characters have a secret order of monks in common, they will be tasked with tracking down the equivilent of the Dalai Lhama and convining him to accept his heritage, If they suceed in this, then they gain more power points.

I'm looking to put some stages and mechanics around this, to give a sense of progression but I'm a little stuck on the mechanics. Any suggestions?
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