Who's going to Nuke Con? Omaha NE, 1st weekend in October

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Who's going to Nuke Con? Omaha NE, 1st weekend in October

#1 Postby Xavier Onassiss » Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:47 pm

It's official... I'm going to be at Nuke Con in Omaha, NE from October 5-7.


My games aren't on the schedule yet, but I'll be running a couple of 4 hour previews of Terracide, the new science fiction setting I'm working on for Savage Worlds. This will be the same adventure I ran at GenCon; apologies to anyone who already participated in that one.

Is anyone else planing to be at Nuke Con? I think they could use some more Savage Worlds events, and the deadline for submitting events is 9/14.

Many thanks.
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