Junkers in Lost Colony: What's the likelyhood?

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Junkers in Lost Colony: What's the likelyhood?

#1 Postby ScooterinAB » Fri May 04, 2012 2:27 pm

I'm aware that there are rules for handling Junkers in Losy Colony, as a result of The Unity/a hellhole. That's not what I'm asking about. When pondering about Junkers, which I often do, I was reminded that the basis of Junker magic was developed prior to the Last War. Here's a quick history lesson.

Hucksters discovered that Mad Scientists were puppets to manitous. Sitgreaves developed hexs to create infernal devices in a way that didn't put them under the control of manitous. Time passed, and Ridley and Co. started researching Sitgreaves' work, and ultimately how to proceed once the manitous stopped talking. They started collecting energy from ghost rock (g rays) in order to provide the permanent power needed to keep their hex created devices together. When the scientists figured out that manitous were still showing the Mads how to build bombs, they bugged out and started attacking ghost rock mines and refineries.

Now, thaumaturgical substitution, the thing that makes Junkers go, was in fact developed after he Last War. However, all of the ground work was laid and many scientists were looking for a way to cut the manitous out (ie tech spirits) when the bombs fell.

Here are the two possibilities I'd like to pose. 1) Some of the Sitgreaves scientists and others could have bugged out to Banshee to escape the Agency or to muck up he ghost rock supplies coming from there. 2) Some of these scientists could have continued their work, and stumbled across tech spirits and thaumaturgical substitution on their own.

So, considering that there was no single discoverer of Junker magic, and that some scientists could have fled to Banshee, it is reasonable to think that there could be a small group of Junkers on Banshee, developing similar powers and theories in isolation.

What do you guys think of this? I'm more interested in this as a background detail. Perhaps a Junker, lacking the experience and tutoring those on Earth have, has a bad dealing with some gun spirits and gets the taint. Perhaps an intellectully group forms, not unlike the SoS or the Chamber. What would happen if a Banshee Junker met a Junker that came over on The Unity? How would their views differ?
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