[RoC] Fear Effects

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[RoC] Fear Effects

#1 Postby Shenron » Thu Aug 08, 2013 1:52 am

So, I have been a long time Cthulhu fan for as long as I can remember.

The only issue I had with the setting and rules (for all Cthulhu games) is it is hard to keep a long term campaign going because almost everyone ends up insane and dead.

I realize Insanity and fear are part of the genre and what makes it fun. I am not saying anything else besides. Due to the above reason I have never ran anything more then a one-three shot style story.

I was just turned onto Fear Effects;
http://www.studio2publishing.com/shop/p ... ts_id=2549

This could solve my problem and I would just get rid of Sanity and Corruption and make them roll when they gain Knowledge (Mythos) and the like.

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#2 Postby Jux » Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:52 am

I have used the very same supplement for RoC games. I don't get rid of sanity rules though. I use RoC sanity rules when dealing with great monsters, etc. I use fear effects for more mundane horrors.

The author of Fear Effects tells to use it by GM with sense of responsibility because it can become ridiculous quite fast.

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