Bob's Easy Mini's tutorials: Tubes

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Bob's Easy Mini's tutorials: Tubes

#1 Postby robert4818 » Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:54 am

Here's a simple (and quick) way to do some paper mini's for the table top. I generally am not a fan of intricate cuts around flat figures, so I came up with a quick and easy solution. This gets you from print to play in absolutely no time.

Tube Figures. All you need is, at a bare minimum, a little google-fu, a printer, some 110 cardstock, scissors, glue, and Microsoft Powerpoint (or other tool that can do the same).

I use Microsoft PP because it has handy rulers on the side that you can turn on and off, and through the control panel's region settings, switch between metric and US measurements.

Ok, this method is the one I use, and its done me very well.

1. Decide on the size of the figure you want to use. This includes height and base size.

2. Create a rectangle in PP that matches the measured height and base size.

3. Copy/paste that rectangle 3 tiems, placing them so the left edge of one matches the right edge of the next.

4. "Group" them. (right click, group)

5a. Multiply your base size by 3.14 to get a circumfrance.
5b. Grab an edge of the grouped boxes and stretch it to the calculated size.
(These two steps are optional if you are not trying to create "exact" models, with out it, your models end up slightly smaller than the actual base size of the real model)

6. Finally add a thin rectangle that goes the height of your model to one end. This serves as your glue tab.
6b. Group the entire frame together for easy copy/paste

7. Now google (or preferred search engine) up some images you want for the specific figure.

8. Copy/paste the image into one of the 3 rectangles you've made in Power Point.

9. Repeat for the other two rectangles, making any chnages to the picture you need to designate one figure the front. (color, silhouette, etc.)

Electronically, you are done! You can now copy/paste this figure on the slide multiple times to create a mob, or repeat the process (its easy to simply copy/paste the frame you built) for a number of different figures.

Now its time to make them physical.

1. Print the slides onto card stock.
2. Cut them out.
3. Glue the glue tab to the inside edge of the other side.
3b. It often helps to keep the figure round if you roll the figure before glueing on a pen or pencil, which slightly weakens the cardstock.

There you go. Generally an entire sheet (16) of 28mm orks can be done for a warhammer game in about 15 minutes once printed.

Here's some quick pictures for final results.



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#2 Postby robert4818 » Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:29 am

Also works with available Figure Flats.

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