The Running Die - needs variation

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The Running Die - needs variation

#1 Postby KhyberJoe » Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:55 pm

As I read the current rules, anything running adds a d6 for distance. This can double the running distance for a human, more than double it for a unit with Pace 4, or only add 50% for a unit with Pace 12.

To make the running bonus more consistent, I propose adding the same die as the Pace score. So, add a d4 for Pace 4, d6 for Pace 6, d12 for Pace 12, etc.


Pace 4 - Running = 4 + d4
Pace 6 - Running = 6 + d6
Pace 8 - Running = 8 + d8
Pace 10 - Running = 10 + d10
Pace 12 - Running = 12 + d12

What do you think?


John Goff
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#2 Postby John Goff » Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:55 pm

The rules on running--like most Showdown rules--mirror those of Savage Worlds. One of the driving design ideas was to allow RPG games to transition smoothly and quickly to a skirmish-sized minis battle and back.

You're welcome to make any changes you'd like for your game, but to keep transitions seamless between the games, we've tried to keep as much identical as possible.
John Goff

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