[classic] harrowed with a fetter

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[classic] harrowed with a fetter

#1 Postby deadlander » Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:52 am

a normal harrowed has a fetter installed----does he still shut down for d6 hours ?

i know a cyborg shuts down for 1 hour a day for diagnostics, and in iron oasis or junkman cometh (sorry cant remember) it says with a fetter you dont need to sleep, but this seems a bit confusing to me.

the shut down on a normal harrowed is so the manitou can heal/maintain the body, and a fetter traps the manitou inside it to stop it taking over the host. how does this stop the shutdown process ? or am i reading it wrong.

any help is greatly appreciated from the veterans on this forum as me and my player cant agree on this

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