[classic] Junker "Transform" power?

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[classic] Junker "Transform" power?

#1 Postby PsyBomb » Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:34 am

I can't seem to find it anywhere, but a friend of mine is adamant that he has seen a Transform-style power for the Junker somewhere. I don't have access to all of HoE, but I have a lot of it, and I don't see it.

Can anyone confirm/deny its existence and point me in the right direction if it's there?

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#2 Postby ScooterinAB » Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:20 pm

What do you mean, transform?
28/12/09 Scooter just bought a Deadlands book... In a Japanese Gaming store... And the clerk knew what it was. Awesome.

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#3 Postby PsyBomb » Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:28 pm

Something that lets your created piece of equipment either collapse down on itself to save space while not using it, or change its own form somehow. He said it's like watching Transformers, but you made it.

Only thing like that I can find is the Shelter power, which can be made to fold into itself.

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#4 Postby Fuzyfeet » Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:22 pm

Ya your right, the Shelter power was the only one that I can think of that talked about a device doing that.

I played in a Junker in a PBP game and wanted my character to have Megatron as his Familar, then later build other transformers. The Marshal and I went round and round about it and while he saw nothing wrong with Megatron, he couldn't see making the others with the current roles. So I made a new power for it. I posted it up on my site, but I'd think if that is what he was talking about he would have remembered it was a home-brew power and not cannon.

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#5 Postby Zombi Bobb » Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:34 pm

The only Transform power was fan-made. I don't remember who made it, but here it is:

Associated Spirits: Tool
TN: 5
Chemical: 0
Electrical: 0
Mechanical: 30%
Structural: 10%
Drain: Special/change
The Junker that came up with this little do-dad watched the old
videos of TransformersT as a kid. But in truth aren't most Junkers
really kids with new toys to play with?
Now to make them cars get up and walk away, we need to install some
hinges, gears and cut it in the right places. This takes up 10% of the
Frame's total slots. There you have it, a transforming device. Unless
you want to bend and stretch your creation into it's other shape by
hand the device is going to need the power Agility built in.
The time it takes for a device to make the change is equal to the
Frame Size minus the Agility die type (that's if you up Agility other
wise your looking at just the Frame Size) in rounds. The time needed
to change can never be less than one round, sorry.
There are two other small things to go over. First, if the device is
a car that becomes a robot (like the power implies), you're going to
need to need to install legs and four wheels. That's a lot of slots,
but lucky you only need one engine. When figuring the engine for the
vehicle pick the acceleration as you normally would using the slot
cost of the larger engine (i.e. StarscreemT would need the powers Jet
and Locomotion, but use the Jet power cost for acceleration). The
Drain or MPG for each mode of travel is figured as if it was the only
mode of travel built in the device (i.e. StarscreemT would need to
figure how much fuel the Jet power needs to run, and the legs need
There is one other piece of the pie to deal with. If your
shape-changing car holds people while a car and not as a robot his
size can change dramatically. Build the car as normal (including this
power) and remember to put the slots in needed for a driver and
others. Once you know the total passengers figure out what frame size
the slots equal. You can take half that many sizes out of the final
Frame Size to adjust the robot's size. (i.e.; You build the VW bug and
it holds two passengers. The car size is 9 with a total of passenger
space equaling frame size 6. When it changes to a robot it folds some
of it's self into that area reducing the size by 3 to make him a size

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#6 Postby PsyBomb » Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:37 am

hmmm... pity. Not quite what I was looking for, but my Marshal is a good one. He might be willing to work with me to write it up, since all I was really looking for was a way to get large pieces of armor to fold up and get out of the way (such as VTOL fans) or do something like the Iron Man trick with a suitcase for emergency armor.

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