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Homebrew Junker Tool Trick

#1 Postby rungok » Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:44 am

Okay I've been looking at Junker powers and I can see they encompass a wide variety of things, but there are a few gaps that could be filled by an enterprising creative junker. I thought of these two things, one a tool trick which seems pretty cut and dry, and the other a power which I'm pondering how to figure out. I'll post the power later, but the tool trick is below:


Tool Trick: Flat Space
TN: 5 + frame size of space
Speed: 10 Minutes X frame size of space.
Duration: Permanent
Any Junker who has had a familiar knows, their creation picked up an interesting trait once the Tech Spirit moved in: a dimensionally impossible storage space where they could fit more things. A particularly inspired junker thought to try to replicate the process. He never completely succeeded, but what he did come up with was useful in it's own right.
The Junker can use this tool trick whenever he completes a device that has 'Dead Space'; that is, a set aside amount of slots that are for storing or holding something inside that is NOT a power. (See Armor Dead space description in the Junkman Cometh) This power increases the number of 'virtual slots' inside the dead space by 10% per success and raise. Going bust permanently lowers the space inside by 10%.

This ability can only be used within 24 hours of finishing a device, and cannot be used on devices already built. (However, he can use it if a newly installed power contains dead space, but only on that power's dead space.)

For Example: Dr. Rochefort builds a refrigerator unit for his posse's beer horde. He builds it with 128 slots worth of internal space (That's a LOT of beer) but he has far more beer than he does space in his cooler, even if he drank a bunch while making it. So Dr. Rochefort uses Flat Space and rolls a 16. That's a success and a raise, so the interior of the fridge now holds 153 slots in it!


It doesn't make huge improvements, and it only works on dead space, so I figured a 'last step' tool trick like Miniaturize and Flow would be appropriate.

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#2 Postby Templar » Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:21 am

Hmm, the idea sounds interesting at least, only other caveat that I could think of for it is that it also can't be used on a device like a gun to store ammo or something similar. Overall, it sounds pretty good, I might even add it as an option in my game.

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#3 Postby PsyBomb » Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:09 am

Only problem I see with it is that "Dead Space" is also where passengers happen to be, meaning that if you're good enough you can manage to make a suit of armor that makes your adventurer a size smaller (very easy and highly effective for a Scrawny Junker who wants to get places others don't want him going). Also, even when not making a shrinker-suit, this lets vehicles and the like have a lot more space to place their stuff into.

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