Savage X-Com?

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#21 Postby ManMythLegend » Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:50 am

For those who enjoyed reading my earlier X-Com game, one of my former players picked up my conversion and is running a new game over at SA. Here's a link to the game thread, and here is a link to the recruitment if anyone wants to get in on it.

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#22 Postby DeMyztikX » Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:09 pm

Been kicking around some Savage XCom ideas on my blog lately. Obviously writing up all the rules myself would be silly when there are a lot of things out there already.
My latest idea (not on my blog yet, coming 11/9/12) is to run a co-op game with other GMs running XCom teams of their own. I also have some ideas on team based researching and stuff. Ideas right now. But I think it'd be cool to do if we had say a half dozen GMs running an XCom game with shared researching and a race to the final fight.
We could run the game to the new "ending" and then take them to the real ending. Then start work on TFTD (years later in game with new recruits and grizzled vets).
We'd have rules on gear and money and the GMs could facilitate trade between groups, promotions could be universal. That way everything from game to game is equal. Ranks and kills could function as a high score chart making players want to play more competitively and maybe pushing their limits more (sort of like we send those rookies to die in XCOM).

Like I said, tossing around ideas. Even if someone else wanted to grab my ideas here (or even a half dozen of you) and we could nail something out together, that would be great.

Also, obviously not new, but we haven't been playing SW lately, so I haven't been around for a while. So if someone wants to reach me on this, and I don't respond here try my blog Eventyr Gaming
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