Cohesion and Units targeting Units

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Cohesion and Units targeting Units

#1 Postby zeke023 » Sat Apr 09, 2011 3:36 pm

So I was playing a game where I kept shooting my opponent's figs and they kept getting shaken and falling out of cohesion. However, with ranged weapons that was not really a detriment. They just kept shooting at me as soon as they were able.

Am I reading this right? Once someone is out of cohesion, they simply must move back into cohesion, but they suffer no penalty for it?

Also, anyone develop any house rules for units targeting units, so whole units can roll at once?

John Goff
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#2 Postby John Goff » Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:51 pm

Well, it depends on how good your opponent was with his dice, I guess. :wink:

First, while Shaken, a figure can only move have its Pace. Once it makes its roll to recover from Shaken, it's burned their action for the round...unless it got a raise on the Spirit roll. So--barring good rolls--that's a round lost right there (on top of those rounds where the figure was Shaken and couldn't do anything but hobble along).

Now, to move back into cohesion it has to use its full movement to get back into cohesion, which may impact use of certain Edges (like, say, Marksman). A figure out of cohesion doesn't have to run, so it can move and then shoot. While it's not explicitly stated in the rules, I'd say they must move first, then shoot.

In the rules, the primary purpose of cohesion is to maintain order for the players--not so much as an inhibitor for the units. Additionally, the game is supposed to play fairly quickly Fast! is the first of the three tagline adjectives. :wink: Locking up figures' actions after they've already recovered from Shaken slows the play down.
John Goff

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