New AB: Overdrive

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New AB: Overdrive

#1 Postby Koshnek » Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:43 am

I'm working on a custom fantasy setting, and I am looking for feedback on my new AB. Every Race can use Miracles, but with the exception of Humans, each race has a selection of AB's available to them. Dwarves, for example, aren't innately magical, so they can only use Alchemy because they're working with the magic of other organisms/minerals. Golems have no ABs available and are not creatures of the Gods so they cannot call upon them, but I have a cool idea to give Golems an AB only they can use. I am hoping to get some feedback and see if I am on the right track.

I'm also changing PP a bit (for all AB) based upon a reply to a post from Clint. Every AB has its PP reduced by 20% (so -1 PP per 5 pp). However, they can dip into their spirit/soul/reserves (TBD) and take one fatigue for an additional 25% of their base PP. This can happen twice. (So AB: Magic has 8 PP, with up to 4 extra PP available at a price).

(Note: Golems are constructs with a dependeny on Magic. They get their daily charge of energy from specially created magic gems or in emergencies by absorbing enchantments from magical items.)
Arcane Background (Overdrive)
Requirements: Novice, Golem
Arcane Skill: Special (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 12 (but see below)
Starting Powers: 2

Although Golems are magical beings, their creators have ensured that Golems are intrinsically unable to control the flow of magic. Despite their creator’s intentions, innovative Golems have long since found a way to wield their own form of magic. Its use is not without its dangers, and a practitioner will only pass his knowledge down to a student deemed trustworthy.

Overdrive is similar to Arcane Background (Super Powers) in Savage Worlds Deluxe. Each power available has a skill of the same name used to activate that power alone. These skills are all linked to Smarts. This represents the intelligence and restraint needed to learn how much magic to reroute away from one’s own body and into a new function without draining too much energy.

Golems tap into the magic that sustains their life and form by activating their Overdrive, and so they are unable to regenerate power points naturally. Overdrive PP recharges to full as the Golem's daily magical power needs are met and pp-induced fatigue have been recovered (in the same manner as fatigue from Dependency).

Trappings should be low-key (hard to notice), and powers should have a range of self. AoE would be centered upon the character if allowed.
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Re: New AB: Overdrive

#2 Postby Lord Lance » Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:50 am

Koshnek wrote:Golems ... are unable to regenerate power points naturally.

Probably I didn't read the whole thing right, but I can't understand how the Golems can regain their PPs without regenerate them automatically.
Maybe you should go with a different method, I feel the whole fatigue thing as not very thematic with the first assumption.
If I only read that initial phrase, I'd have thought to some system like:

- Regain PPs only consuming/turning some specific materials (crystals?) into energy for them. Buy crystal for 10$ (50$?) each, they regen 1d6 PPs. You need 10 minutes of rest/work to turn the crystal into "fuel".


- Regain PPs attuning with the surroundings. The golem can roll a Repair (or Spirit? or some kind of specific Knowledge?) roll. Each success and raise regen 1d6 PPs. Each roll means 1 hour of tinkering. If the golem roll "1" on their skill die ... bla bla... If the golem roll a critical failure ... bla bla...
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Re: New AB: Overdrive

#3 Postby Koshnek » Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:04 am

Sorry, it was late and I was tired when I threw that post up. I removed the bit about 0 pp automatically giving them a fatigue. It was confusing and especially unecessary because the way PP works covers it automatically anyhow.

I added a note explaining that golems are constructs and so have the dependency trait from the SFC. PP for overdrive recharges fully when they meet their dependency requirement. (Requires downtime, so they can't just do it in combat to get instant PP.)

I've noticed that I've basically recreated the Chi AB from DLR, so I think it'll be fine. My concern now is if the no regen is problematic, but o don't think it will be. They get more pp than other ABs too. (Ritualism gets 4/4/4, other AB gets 8/4/4).

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