Calling all Junkers: The Brain Drain Challange

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Calling all Junkers: The Brain Drain Challange

#1 Postby ScooterinAB » Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:47 am

I've been doing a lot of thinking about Junkers and devices lately, and I've been playing around with the Brain Drain power. I think there are a lot of cool things that can be done with it.

And with that, I issue a challenge to my fellow Junkers. Design and post your Brain Drain creation. Here are a few rules/guidelines:
    -The device has to be practical. Remember that most Sykers are probably going to be unwilling to fire a gun that uses 9 Strain.
    -The device can have other power supplies (mostly to fill up extra slots), but it should be focused around Brain Drain.
    -As an alternative, feel free to post any devices that doesn't use Brain Drain, but directly aid a Syker in what s/he does. No generalist "A gun aid's him" stuff; I'm looking for really snappy ideas for this one.
    -Devices should, as always, have a fairly detailed writeup about what the device is, any games rules, and how the device works.
    -Weapons are fine, but let's not get too carried away. Sykers already have a bunch of horrifying ways to kill people.

Now hurry up and get your Junk on. Let's see how many interesting devices we can come up with.

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#2 Postby Janibala » Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:26 pm


Brainwall is merely a shield that protects the brainer's... Well, brains. This quite small device could be worn like a necklace, or in the back of your neck and connect it to a external spirit battery via spirit cable. The very small size of the device makes it easy to hide under clothes, if necessary.

The device is simple. When activated, it creates a small shield that just barely protects your head (Only from the location you are looking by the way) and keeps the syker's most important thing safe: His brains! Order now! (Spirit batteries not included)

Why would your syker need this? Got any nifty powers that need visual contact? I bet you do. Tired of getting your head targeted when you lift your noggin from cover? This device will slow down those pesky headshots so you can concentrate.

I tried to make the device as small as possible and keep the drain quite low. The basic idea of the device is this:

The Syker is behind a cover (A table, wall, car etc.). He needs to see his enemy to blow his brains out, but when he tries to come out from the cover, the enemy of course tries to shoot his noggin.

That is when you activate this device (with the external spirit battery) and show only your head to the enemy and of course, the shield now covers the face = you can shoot him / think him to death without problems.

When the enemy actually hits you, you use strain for the shields "combat drain"

Example: A headshot with a normal pistol would be 5d6 (3d6 + 2d6 for a hit to the noggin). The AV 4 reduces The damage -> 5d4 -> 4d4 -> 3d4 -> 2d4, which would mean the combat drain is 4 (1 die reduction + 3 dice negated) and 2d4 damage slips through (Yeah the AV does not really negate ALL the damage, but hey 2d4 compared to 5d6 is a big difference).

And when the combat drain hits, your brainer uses 1 strain to give the device 5 G-rays to use (1 G-ray is lost).

And a few other things I should mention:
The AV -could- be better, but then the x/round drain would also be higher.

For the same reason I chose to keep the shield Flat. This is not made for epic mass battles where you are shot from all the sides, only for 1-2 enemies when you are behind cover.

External spirit battery is not too hard to get, and it is easily placed in your belt, while the Spirit cable is connected under your clothes. The powerpack option is possible, but I'd rather go with the external power source option (Maybe you carry a Reactor in your backpack, how should I know...)

And then, the calculations:

Brainwall (6/7)

Size Structural Slots Durability Load Examples
1 3 7 4/1 0.5 Large knife, pistol, rat

Power: Shield
Associated Spirits: Building
TN: 11 (Base 5 + 1 Size + Raise for faster activation)
Chemical: None
Electronic: None
Mechanical: 10% 0,7
Structural: 30% 2,1

Flat Shield
Area protected
Size 2 (A head is about this size I guess...)

Armor value

2(Size protected) * 4 (Armor value) / 4 (Flat shield)= 2

= uses 2 slots, 1GR / round drain

Power: Brain Drain
Associated Spirits: Tool
TN: 10 (Base 9 + 1 Size)

Chemical: None
Electronic: 30% 2,1
Mechanical: None
Structural: None

Highest Drain = 1
2 * 1 = 2(Brain Drain uses a number of slots equal to twice the highest single power Drain in the device.)

2 slots

Powerjack 2 slots

Power Slots Drain
Shield 2 1GR / Round
Brain Drain 2 None
Powerjack 2 None

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