[Kerberos Club] Point check some characters for me! :)

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[Kerberos Club] Point check some characters for me! :)

#1 Postby SavageGamerGirl » Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:58 am

I'm working on a homebrew conversion of the characters from a Kerberos Club 'quick start' guide I found on RPGNow.com. I don't know the Fate system rules, so I'm just sort of making up these SPC powers based on the Fate descriptions.

Here's the first: The Lady Constance, wielder of the Sword of the King of Oss.

I think I've applied the Switchable and Device modifiers correctly, but it's always good to get a second set of eyes on anything created via point-buy. :)

The Sword accounts for all of super powers. Her Super Edge, Super Skill, and Toughness powers are always active whether the Sword is drawn or not. Her Armor, Awareness, and Heightened senses only function when the Sword is sheathed. Basically, when she's on the defensive, the Sword defends her greatly. When she's ready to attack (draws the sword) it no longer defends her but does greatly enhance her ability to deal damage.

• Attack, Melee (16 [15 +5 switchable −4 device): AP 12, Focus, Switchable (armor, awareness, heightened senses only function when the Sword is sheathed), Device. Str+d8+3d6 AP 12, ignore the armor of inanimate objects (the sword of the King of Oss).
o Armor (6): Heavy. +6 armor (the Sword sheathed).
o Awareness (8 ): Danger sense. Ignore vision impairments, −4 to be hit (singing sword).
o Heightened Senses (1): +2 to Notice rolls (ever vigilant).

• Super Edge (3): Device. Improved Trademark Weapon. The Sword of the King of Oss (blade mastery).

• Super Skill (2): Device. Fighting +3 steps, Notice +3 steps.

• Toughness (4): Device. +4 Toughness (stalwart).

Here's the point breakdown:

Attack, Melee = 15 points +5 points for the Switchable modifier giving her 15 points to spend on the sheathed powers, -4 for the Device modifier = 16 points.

Sheathed powers = Armor 6 points + Awareness 8 points + Heightened Senses 1 point = 15 points.

Super Edge = 4 points for 2 Edges - 1 for the Device modifier = 3 points.

Super Skill = 3 points for +6 skill increases -1 for the Device modifier = 2 points.

Toughness = 6 points for +4 Toughness -2 for the Device modifier = 4 points.

16 +3 +2 +4 = 25 points.
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#2 Postby Zadmar » Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:14 am

An observation about Melee Attack...

2 PP gives you +d6 damage, that's an average of +4.2 damage, or +2.1 damage per PP. So for 1 PP you can either get +2 AP, or an average of +2.1 damage.

As such, I wouldn't personally invest in AP until I'd maxed the damage dice - but at that point, +6d6 is already giving you an average of +25.2 damage on top of your Strength and weapon dice. You don't really need any more damage, and even if you wanted to take AP I wouldn't recommend more than 2-4 AP. If you want to make the weapon more dangerous, you'd be much better off giving it Super Skill (Fighting).

You'll want Fighting at least d12 if you're investing heavily in melee powers. Beyond that point, Super Skill (Fighting) is giving you +2 attack and +1 Parry per 1 PP. With a called shot, you can replace 4 attack with 4 damage, meaning you're paying 1 PP for +2 damage and +1 Parry (which is better than +2 AP). For an extra -2 attack penalty you can ignore most armour anyway, striking through tiny gaps like visors.

It's also worth remembering that Rapid Attack gives -4 attack and -2 Parry. 2 PP of Super Skill (Fighting) will negate that penalty exactly, giving you three attacks per round without penalty (compare that with 4 PP for Frenzy and Improved Frenzy - twice the PP cost for just two attacks without penalty).

For a weapon I'd also be inclined to take Parry. With the -1 device modifier, you're gaining +3 Parry for 1 PP.

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#3 Postby SavageGamerGirl » Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:17 am

Here are the powers of William mac Donald, the One Man Army. His were much easier to implement than the Lady Constance.

• Duplication (14): Four duplicates (one man army).

• Deflection (1): −1 penalty to be hit (duplicates provide cover).

• Energy Control (8 [6 + 2 switchable): Large Burst Template, Light Weapon, Selective, Switchable (Telekinesis). Range 12”, 2d6 LBT kinetic energy damage (the Devil’s Wind).
o Telekinesis (6): Level 3, Range 12”, Str d12+1 (combine our strength).

• Parry (2): +3 Parry (duplicates block attacks).

He can summon a nearly infinite number of duplicates, which I've tried to represent with his Energy Control power. He can only summon 4 dupes using his actual Duplication power, but more than that aren't really necessary since you can't get more than a +4 gang up bonus in combat anyway. This also keeps the player from being overwhelmed by having to control the actions of so many characters. He runs mac Donald and his four dupes, and just places a LBT over any other area he wants to attack. That LBT is an innumerable swarm of other duplicates that pummel his opponents.
'But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked.

'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: 'we're all mad here.'

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