[HoE] Junker Side Effects - Getting your Junk on

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[HoE] Junker Side Effects - Getting your Junk on

#1 Postby ScooterinAB » Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:37 am

After hitting some Writers' Block (also being busy) I decided to start work on one of the next parts of my Junker compendium, The Essential Junker.

The start I picked up tonight is talking about Side Effects. I start out by talking about how Side Effects can make an device more interesting. I also give some food for thought on some different kinds of Side Effects.

However, I would like to get a little more specific and list some examples of what Minor and Major Side Effects look like. Aside form some game effects, like -penalties, I can't think of many more examples. Anyone willing to give me a hand and throw some ideas at me?

Here the few I have for Minor so far. Maybe it will give some any what I'm looking for.
• -1 penalty to the affected power
• Affected power requires an additional 5% components of a random type
• Affected power requires frame size ounces of Ghost Rock once in a while
• Affected power runs hot, doing a minor amount of damage (like 1 Wind)
• Continued use may lead to some minor ailment like lost hair or a Minor Mutation hindrance

Here are the Majors I've come up with. They are on the whole pretty bad.
• A more severe penalty to the affected power. Perhaps a -3 to -5 penalty, or a penalty to the user’s Die Type
• Affected power requires an additional 10-15% components of a random type
• Affected power requires an additional 5-10% components of a few types. The affected components can be random, or the Marshal’s choice (feel free to pick the most expensive components)
• Affected power requires frame size ounces of Ghost Rock on a regular basis. Perhaps x ounces ever few dozen shots, or every few days or so of use
• Affected power causes 1 Wound Level when used continually. This might be a weapon that does a Wound Level every round, or an extremely hot vehicle that wounds all passengers once per day
• High G-Ray exposure causes radiation sickness-like symptoms. Although the symptoms will clear up, continual exposure should lead to an Ailin’
• Long term use of the affected power causes the device to degrade. The Marshal should apply damage over time, appropriate to the device’s size and durability. The Junker can either choose to repair the device regularly, or use it until it fails
• Affected power is prone to dangerous Instability. Add a few points to the die roll on the Instability Table when the device becomes instable

Any other ideas that people can throw my way would be greatly appreciated, and of course, would get a credit in the expansion whenever it gets finished.

[Edit] Added the Major effects that I just wrote up.

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