Food Machine - is there a Savage version?

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Food Machine - is there a Savage version?

#1 Postby tomgurg » Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:30 pm

I was listening to The D6 Generation today. This episode featured a 'article' on Food Machine ( This is a charitable endeavor by Warhammer players for collecting non-perishable foods for local food pantries. It started as a few gamers and has spread worldwide(?) and is heavily supported and run by Privateer Press as well as game stores. It is an excellent idea for gamers to help out and shows them in a positive light. It's a good interview and started me to thinking if there was something similar in The Savage Lands. The Savage community is certainly big enough to support such a thing I believe. I'm hoping to have a housecon or minicon locally in the new year and will drift the idea into that setting.
What do you think?

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