Thoughts on Rippertech

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Thoughts on Rippertech

#1 Postby Hellcow » Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:48 am

Overall I like the Rippertech system. The problem I have with it as a crafting system is that all the weight is on me as opposed to my character. The challenge is sorting through the 700 combinations and finding out what works. But once someone does that, there's no way to actually be a crafting-focused character. As far as I can telling, it doesn't make a difference if I'm an inventor, if I have a high Intelligence, or anything like that - as opposed to Social Standing, where investing in a particular stat gets me access to a specific type of gear.

The problem is that it's already enough of a pain figuring out recipes; if you added an element of "And you can't make that one because your Int is too low" it would be even more daunting. But at the same time, as an inventor I'd like to be able to make special rippertech I can give to my friends as gifts. As is, there's no reason for me not to just send them the pieces and have them make it themselves.

Just idle thoughts.

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#2 Postby RobitusinZ » Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:07 am

Here's an idea: How about if failed research narrowed down the search for recipes?

For example, I combine a Foul Flesh and a Mummy's Heart. The combination fails. However, instead of getting X XP and nothing else for my troubles, I get back a list of items that could POSSIBLY combine with EITHER Foul Flesh or Mummy's Heart. The list will include items that will result in failed experiments as well, but the system would just help narrow things down a little bit for the player. If you make the returned list somehow dependent on Intelligence such that a player with high Intelligence will get back a shorter and more accurate list of possible item combinations, then you kill 2 birds with 1 stone: You make research more interesting, AND you give Intelligence another use.

Here's how this would work in practice:
I combine Foul Flesh + Mummy's Heart. It fails. My Intelligence is 30. Foul Flesh is part of 15 recipes. Mummy's Heart is part of 10 recipes. My Intelligence of 30 gives me an X% chance of discovering 1 item from each of those recipes. In order to keep things interesting, X should be let's say it's 3% (you get 1% per 10 Int points). For each of Foul Flesh's 15 recipes, there's a "roll". Each has a 3% chance of sucess. So out of 15, let's say I get 1 success. So on my returned list, I'll get, say, "Eyes of the Dead" as one of the items, since (I'm making this up) Foul Flesh and Eyes of the Dead combine to form something. The same thing is done with Mummy's Heart. I luck out and get 2 successes for Mummy's Heart. My list will now come back with "Eyes of the Dead, Brain Matter, Pharoah's Scale" (assuming that Brain Matter and Pharoah's Scale combine with Mummy's Heart). Now, because such a straightforward answer would be too easy, for each "correct" item, there also needs to be a number of incorrect items on the list. For simplicity's sake, let's say there are 2 incorrect items for every 1 correct item on the list.

So, after combining Foul Flesh and Mummy's Heart and getting a failure, I get back the following list:

Flayed Skin
Pharoah's Scale
Eyes of the Dead
Monstrous Tissue
Touch of Salt
Brain Matter

Now I will make sure to try Foul Flesh combined with all of the above, and I'll also try Mummy's Heart with all of the above. I don't have any 100% answers, but if I'm diligent, I'll end up with 3 good Rippertech recipes from my endeavors, thanks to my high Intelligence.

Of course, the actual numbers and stuff can be worked out through testing, but at least people will have a springboard for discovering stuff on their own. Also, all those blue items that pop up can be burned without being scared of losing an item on another failed's worth a shot now to get a small list of stuff something like "Skeletal Strength" can combine with.

Also, this system still works for 3, 4, or 5 item's just much harder. The 15 recipes that Foul Flesh is involved in in my example above could be 3 two-item combos, 4 three-item combos, and 8 four-item combos. We would just know that Foul Flesh somehow combines with Eyes of the Dead in SOME recipe...maybe it's Foul Flesh +Eyes of the Dead + Skeletal Strength in some 3-item combo.

Sorry for the longwindedness...just tossing a thought out there.

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#3 Postby Rohan » Thu Aug 06, 2009 10:09 pm

What about a countdown timer for equipped ripper tech? Three days after equipped is cool and all, but when the hell did I equip that Retinal Graft again? Should I start tracking down components for a new one or can it wait a day?
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#4 Postby Undeath » Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:28 pm

I really like RobitusinZ's idea of failed research narrowing down recipes. That way it makes all the attributes useful. I also like the countdown timer. I would also suggest you simply make a home-brew rule about the attributes providing different results.
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