casting and multiple actions, a followup

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casting and multiple actions, a followup

#1 Postby doppelganger » Mon May 11, 2009 3:34 pm

a followup to my previous question regarding multiple actions and casting, just to confirm my understanding of "same action", please clarfiy where my assumptions are faulty.

A character may not make the same roll twice in a round, unless the roll is a "handed" roll, which you are allowed two of in a round, with the second taking the offhand penalty (or not, if you are ambidextrous).


A character MAY shoot twice in a round (once with each hand)

A character MAY not intimidate twice in a round regardless of if they are the same target or two different targets (unhanded roll)

A martial artist MAY cast bolt twice in a round, but suffers an offhand penalty for one of the two castings (handed rolls)

A Blessed MAY NOT cast light in the same round that they cast environmental protection (since they are both unhanded blessed casting rolls using the same skill)

A blessed MAY cast light in the same round that they activate a mad science environmental protection invention and a mad science bolt gun (since light is unhanded and the two inventions are handed)

It seems a little odd that actions that are "handed" are given the benefit of allowing multi-use where other skills cannot, but I suppose it is balancing against the requirement of a free hand to perform the action in the first place. The other possibility is that I am entirely misunderstanding the restriction and any action can be made multiple times, with only handed actions restricted by the number of free hands.

Are shaman spells and huckster spells considered handed? (hucksters I would assume yes from the flavor text of glowing cards appearing in their hands, shamans I would assume no since their flavor text implies the minimum requirement is only chanting.) Assuming I am correct in my assumption that huckster spells are inherently handed, does this mean a huckster may cast bolt twice in a round?
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#2 Postby Clint » Mon May 11, 2009 4:09 pm

Mostly correct. There is one other instance, and that is an action that requires a hand and some other aspect to perform as well.

The trappings for a huckster casting would be a prime example, they have to have a hand free for the cards, but the action is based on a mental duel. So they can't cast two bolts since the action does not depend solely on the use of a single hand; it just requires that in addition.

Generally, that's a type of action that would come about due to trappings for an Arcane Skill (like a fantasy magician requiring a free hand and being able to speak an incantation; they can't cast two spells because they only have the one mouth).

Personally, I usually figure that a Weird Science (or Mad Science) device takes two hands to operate anyway (flamethrower, jetpack, etc...) and that only requiring one hand to use it would be a specific trapping and extra benefit, but that's just me and up to the GM's call.
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