Sunbow 2050

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Sunbow 2050

#1 Postby VonDan » Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:28 pm

Did I ever mention my Project "Sunbow 2050" a cross over of all the 80's cartoons by Sunbow Studios GI Joe, transformers, JEM, My Little pony and Inhumanoids etc

It has been fifty years since a series of wars ended in the release of various WMD. This along with unrelated mutable natural disasters the earth is now almost unlivable and civilization has fallen. The Autobots had already left earth to take the fight back to there home world leaving an empty cave and some technology. A group of various refugees lead by a former special forces general and his wife go into hiding in the former Transformer cave in Oregon. To preserve as much human knowable as possible they move the super computer synergy into the cave piece by piece via a mule pack train.

It is now the year 2050. The dust is settling from the sky and the survivors briefly venture out during the day although at noon it is still only a red twilight sky. Some of the children playing on Flint Mountain (named for the fallen leader who died covering the evacuation) found ‘flowers’ growing when a ray of sunlight thrust through a hole in the perpetual cloud cover. The children call their first glimpse of sunlight a ‘SUNBOW’ and brought the flowers (Mountain thistle) to the leader.

The Lady Grey calls a counsel with the other leaders. The blind Master Harper Jerrica sings a song of the earth reborn. Arcee the last autobot on earth (And seriously showing her age) gives a more scientific explanation that it is merely one of the larger remaining fragments of the moon having a gravitational effect on the dust cover. It is decided to send a mission out to explore. Miranda Fairbarin Lady Grey’s grand daughter, Jemma the Journeyman Harper and A2 (Formed when Arcee builds a new lithe young non transforming body and transfers her spark into it). In their first adventures they meet a hidden valley of intelligent mutated horses and a living plant girl. Of course they are apposed by the forces lead by the Baroness (kept alive and young by drinking human blood) who sends out her own clone daughter the countess, the spider bot Deceptichick and a Misfit.

Now there is s thread for dumping your Sunbow studios conversions and ideas

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