Righteous Rage Variant Idea

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Righteous Rage Variant Idea

#1 Postby Gavinwulf » Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:51 pm

So okay, I got this idea from seeing the Watchmen movie. I was thinking that Savage Worlds was the perfect system to model that kind of 'down-to-earth' comic heroism. It felt rather 'pulpy'.
One thing that stuck out to me however, was that the characters, though human and seemingly average-joes on one level, could dish out some serious ass-kickery the next scene. It reminded me alot of the "Righteous Rage" mechanic from SW Solomon Kane.

However, as implied from the text, Righteous Rage need not be from a holy conviction- but the game effects are the same.

So how about creating charactger trait that reflects when this rage kicks in for our human-level superheroes. I'll call them 'Aspect Surges'

Night Owl- Strength of Honor: Can use his Aspect surge when he is performing in an honorable or loyal way. ie: Busting out Rorshach from prison.

Silk Spectre- Daredevil: Gets her surge when doing something crazy. ie: leaping around a roaring inferno.

Rorschach- Arbiter of Justice: (most like S. Kane) Can use his surge when exacting justice upon evil. ie: Kicking the crap out of criminals

The Comedian- Selfish Asshole (?): Can use his surge when having fun doing what he wants.

To make up for the situation restriction, perhaps Wild Cards using this variant rule would only have to spend a benny to activate their 'rage' or 'surge' instead of having to roll a 5-6 on a D6.

Anyways, just an idea I had. I know the above can be simulated with Edges instead but I thought it might be a cool idea as a setting rule in an appropriate genre like the Watchmen.

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