Faerie-Tale Setting

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Faerie-Tale Setting

#1 Postby islan » Sun Dec 21, 2008 11:55 pm

I decided that I should start throwing my ideas up online in order to better formulate this setting idea that I am working on. I think I'll start off with just a summation of what I'm thinking about so far

The ideas for this setting I am taking from such works as Neverending Story, Labyrinth, Willow, Princess Bride, ElfQuest, Piers Anthony's Xanth, and Odin Sphere. The playable races I currently have in mind are: Humans (nat), Elves, Dwarves, Pixies and Giants. Since I plan on changing many of the normal tropes of some of these races, I've decided to list out some of their descriptions

Elves - short (Size -1) with keen senses, the image I have so far are the tribal elves from ElfQuest (though I have read very little of it). More of the classical trickster, I guess these elves might be considered to have more in common with halflings. Their homeland is in the Western Woods.

Dwarves - short (Size -1) with the Brawny edge, these dwarves are not as big as the standard D&D/Tolkien/whatever dwarf. They still like to mine, though, but are more magically attuned. One idea I'm pondering is having them all be male, with dwarves being "crafted" from chiseled stone. The gems that they discover below the earth are actually from the Underworld, and the Queen of the Underworld hates all dwarves for stealing her treasures. They live mostly in the northern mountains.

Pixies - small (Size -2) with a small natural Pace, but a good flying Pace. I'm not entirely sure what to do with these pixies just yet, but they are probably from the Western Woods too.

Giants - so far I have only thought of them as akin to Andre the Giant's Fezzek from the Princess Bride. They probably come from a nearby island.

Planned Locations:

Western Woods - a massive expanse of trees that actually seems to be bigger on the inside than on the outside, so it is very easy to get lost. Some trails have been known to meander through it, but passengers are warned to "keep an eye on the stars".

Underworld - the underworld is an actual place that people can journey to through the Maw of the Earth. The ruler of this realm is Queen Elise. It has been known for some to bargain for the souls of the dead to be returned to the living, but at a hefty price.

Labyrinth - I was thinking about having something like the Labyrinth from the movie with the same name, only the character of Jared is not so much as the ruler of that realm but rather discovered it. An ancient city is hidden below it that no one but him knows about; the Labyrinth is only the entrance.

That's really what I have so far in notes. Feel free to throw ideas at me (and borrow if you wish)!

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#2 Postby Emiricol » Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:32 am

Well, I'm not familiar with all the idea sources you mention, but SW is definitely a good fit for Labyrinth/Willow/Bride style games. And, you've come up with interesting alternative takes on traditional races (love Andre's character in Princess Bride!)

The elves are probably the weakest segment so far, but you are on a good start. ElfQuest elves were more barbaric than tricky (imo), but you could easily take the tribal concept and make them tricksters. Heck, bigger versions of the Brownies in Willow would be fun to play.

One thing Willow, Labyrinth and Princess Bride all have in common, besides being unashamed of being a bit corny, is that the main characters are doing something *important*, unrelated to their previous day-to-day lives. And that *important something* has mystical qualities, or at least overtones. Even Inigo Montoya's "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." theme, which runs throughout the movie has the air of Destiny about it (with a capital "D").

So, hooks that are very personal to each PC would be a big step towards achieving the tone of those movies. Maybe an extra wild die when their hook is relevant, or more bennies, I don't know. Something to consider though.

Good work,

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#3 Postby islan » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:11 am

Okay, I've been thinking on what kind of magic I would want prevalent in this world and how it is suppose to work. I'm still a bit undecided on a few things, so I was hoping you guys can help give me ideas. First I'll introduce the specific Arcane Background edges for this setting.

AB (Sorcery)
Arcane Skill: Spellcraft (or maybe Witchcraft?) (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 1

AB (Wishes)
Arcane Skill: undecided
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 1

AB (Druidic?)
Arcane Skill: undecided
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 1

How these AB Edges are different is that there is no recourse for a critical failure, though I am thinking about a critical failure resulting in Shaken status, which does not cause a Wound.

What makes these Edges different from each other are the types of spells allowed for each. But before that I must describe some new/different spells.

Elemental Attack (general name)
Rank: Novice
Power Points: 1
Duration: Instant
When taken, the caster must choose either Fire, Ice or Bolt as the spell's element type. This spell deals 2d6 damage of the chosen element type to a single target. A raise does not add an extra die to this damage. This spell may be taken multiple times, each time granting a new element choice.
+1 PP = Increase the area of effect to a Small Blast template.
(Seasoned) +2 PP = Increase area of effect to a Medium Blast template.
(Seasoned) +3 PP = Increase area of effect to a Large Blast template.
x2 PP = Increase damage to 3d6.

Elemental Shield (Armor)
This spell is identical to power Armor, except that when taken the caster must choose either Fire, Ice, or Bolt as the spell's element type. This spell provides double the Armor bonus against the chosen element, but none against the chosen element's opposed element (Fire beats Ice beats Bolt beats Fire?). Furthermore, the recipient of this spell receives the equivalent of the power Elemental Protection of the chosen element.

Bless (Boost/Lower Trait)
Only raises a chosen Attribute.

Curse (Boost/Lower Trait)
Only lowers a chosen Attribute.

(continued next post)
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#4 Postby islan » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:16 am

Now here are the way spells are divided. I still haven't decided on everything, so please suggest any changes you may feel. I admit many of these spells will probably need a few trappings added to fit the idea of this setting.

Elemental Attack
Elemental Armor
Detect/Conceal Arcana

Greater Healing
Speak Language

Beast Friend
Elemental Manipulation
Shape Change

Another spell I'm pondering is Enchant, which could add an element to a weapon. What Arcane Background do you think that should fall under?

I look forward to any ideas you can give me! :-D

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#5 Postby islan » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:30 am

Update: I decided to move Fly to Wishes, and Stun to Druidic.

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#6 Postby Primus Magus » Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:21 pm

A few things

For me, Enchant falls without a doubt under Sorcery, but there is nothing saying you cant have a version for Wishes as well

The arcane skills don’t have a linked attribute.
I don’t really need an explanation for Sorcery and Druid magic.
Wishes however, is it suppose to be your version of the miracles AB?
Or is it the power certain protagonist can call on to help turn the odds in their favor?

A little description of the diffirent AB’s perhaps

Are all sorcerers evil, or morally questionable in your universe?
Or is it all about how you use your powers. Any power can be good or evil depending on who uses them, and how.

Is it possible to be a Druid who abuses nature? If not, you can adopt the Protector rule. Depending on severity of the sin, you get penalized accordingly until you atone in some way.

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#7 Postby islan » Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:38 pm

So far Wishes and Druid magic haven't a linked attribute just because I haven't decided on a skill for it just yet. If you could suggest a name, I'd appreciate it. I'm also hesitant on keeping the name "Druid magic," would rather find something else to call it but "Shaman magic," seems even more removed.

Wishes is a version of Miracles, but the difference is that there is no "sinning". With the removal of the standard critical fumbles (which mostly identifies an AB) in addition to the straight division of powers, I felt that I should separate them from the AB's in the book. Wishes also have no real link to gods.

All magic is morally ambiguous in this setting. Druids can abuse nature.

PS: Sorcery is different from Magic setting-wise in that Sorcery is less to do with hard study and more to do with refined natural ability. Thinking on it more it makes me wonder if I should make it Spirit based instead of Smarts, but I don't know if I should tip the scale more in Spirit's favor.

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