Shadow Hearts Conversion?

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Shadow Hearts Conversion?

#1 Postby Czernobog » Tue Dec 09, 2008 9:27 pm

Ever since I saw Savage Worlds, I've been thinking about doing a conversion for Shadow Hearts. Now, I'm starting up a Deadlands Game, and I'm thinking that this might be a good time to do a dry run for an occasional NPC with the same abilities as the main character of Shadow Hearts, Yuri, though closer in flavor to Shania from the third game.

This is a bit of a set-up, as I intend to run a sequel game in which the PCs can acquire the same ability.

My idea goes as follows--the character would have Arcane Background(Spirit Pact) or something along those lines. They don't have normal power points, but a small set of predefined forms they can take. Each die type in Spirit Pact would give them a new alternate form.

The mechanics would work as follows: Each alternate form would have 10 NE-style power points (Extra Power Points can be bought once per rank, and can only be applied to one form); no powers can be "activated" or device-based, and while in an Alternate Form the character does not have access to their normal equipment. When they change from their normal form to their alternate form, they roll Spirit Pact; the result is the number of rounds they can maintain their form.

Now, this is rather powerful. Extremely so, in fact. Hence the following downsides:
-On a roll of one on the Spirit Pact die, regardless of the result on the wild die, the character doesn't shift forms and is rendered shaken.
-On a roll of snake-eyes, the character re-rolls; the character successfully shifts forms but is under the control of the Marshall (or GM, if in a setting other than Deadlands) and is berserk, attacking the nearest target regardless of whether it is friend or foe. The character is shaken when the duration ends. If snake-eyes is rolled twice in a row, the alternate form is inaccessible for a period of time (I'm thinking a day; any thoughts on this?)
-Due to the constant form-switching and the fact that this is not simply a change in flesh but a change in spirit, enemies that possess the character gain a +2 to appropriate rolls (temporary possession only; it might be too evil to allow permanent possession to have that kind of bonus.)

I was trying to think of a way to incorporate the "Malice" element from the games, but I'm not entirely sure how.

Does anyone have any critiques? Perhaps a way to balance it better?

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#2 Postby zeth » Tue Feb 03, 2009 7:21 am

I suggest checking out Dream Shard a savage game which has something similar in the rules as your alternate forms.

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