(DLR) A fist full of Guns

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(DLR) A fist full of Guns

#1 Postby Targetlock » Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:57 am

Me again,insdtead of asking questions, i have some stuff to share: new weapons! i hope you like

New Gear

All the items aren’t exactly mainstream and are definitely weird. They are also hard to get hold of.

Hoyle’s Cards

Hoyle’s cards are steel edged playing cards that can be used as lethal throwing weapons.

Range ROF Damage Weight Cost
Hoyle's Cards 10 1 STR+D6 2 $10/deck

Stake Launcher

For the hombre who believes in the weird, there is the stake launcher. You may look peculiar, but it packs a punch. The stakes are $1 each but can be made easily.

Range ROF Damage Weight Shots Min Str. Cost
Stake Launcher 10/20/30 1 D10 12 1 D6 $50

Ghost Steel Weapons

Occasionally some weirdo will use ghost rock for making guns. This makes them strong, light but prone to incidents.

Range ROF Damage Weight Shots Min Str. Cost Notes
GS Peacemaker 12/24/48 1 2d6+3 4 6 - $45 AP 2
GS Winchester 24/48/96 1 2d8+2 5 15 - $120 AP 2
GS Dragoon 12/24/48 1 2d6+3 2 6 - $34 AP 2

Ghost Steel: Ghost steel is dangerous and often troublesome substance. On a roll of 1 on the shooting roll, the gun explodes inflicting 2d6 damage on the user and destroying the weapon.

Specialist Ammo

This isn’t the normal shells you find hombre, this is the special stuff, the fun stuff

Ammo Number Cost
Ghost Steel Bullets (.22-.50) 10 $10
Ghost Steel Rifle (.38-.56+) 10 $15
Hex Bullets (.22-.50) 5 $10
Silver Bullets (.38-56+) 10 $5
Ghost Shot 10 $10
Bang Shot (.22-.50) 10 $10

Ghost Steel: Ghost steel crops up everywhere, even in ammo. Ghost steel adds +1 to all damage rolls but can malfunction as for Ghost Steel weapons.
Hex Bullets: Some say there is a little magic in these shells. When used by a Huckster they are +1 on the shooting roll.
Silver Bullets: for the believer of the supernatural, this ammo is rumoured to be the best monster killer. Silver bullets add +1 to damage rolls against supernatural foes.
Ghost Shot: These are shot gun shells with ghost rock fragments mixed into the shot. When used there is a chance the victim may catch fire. These can malfunction as for ghost weapons.
Bang Shot: Bang for your buck, these shots go boom. Adds +D6 damage (only for the victim) and when a target is hit, it has the same effects as per a Small Blast template, centred on the victim. These can also malfunction as for ghost weapons.

Heckley’s Collapsible Rifle

This rifle can easily be disassembled and carried around. It can also be used as a carbine.

Range ROF Damage Weight Shots Min Str. Cost
Collapsible Rifle 12/48/96 1 1d10+2 8 3 - $90
Carbine 12/24/48 1 1d10+2 4 3 - -

It takes 1 minute to assemble or disassemble the Rifle. When dissembled can easily be carried around and used as a carbine.

Heckley’s High Power Scope ($50)

This powerful telescopic scope can be used on most rifles, it can also be easily unattached and used on a different weapon:

 It takes one minute to attach the scope to any rifle.
 It adds +2 on all shooting rolls made with the weapon (as long as its not drawn and fired in the same turn) against a target more than 10 away.
 The Scopes adds 3 to the weapons weight.

What do you think? never could get the hang of prices. i intend to playtest them in my campaign (our huckster has the playing cards). i also have rules for even more guns, edges+hindrances, mad scientist inventions and some relics.
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#2 Postby jpk » Sat Nov 15, 2008 1:45 pm

I think Hoyle's Cards are a little over the top. First, what's the Range of 10 mean? Do they go to 10" without range modifiers? That's pretty darned cushy: most thrown weapons start getting -2 at 3", with -4 at 6". Str+d6 gives it the same damage as a throwing axe or spear, better than a thrown knife or dagger or a sling. For that level of damage, you've either got to be walking around with 52 razor-edged metal cards that couldn't possibly be mistaken for anything but weapons or used as cards or somehow charging them up with the Huckster's magical power. And they're really not much more expensive, assuming a 52-card pack, than shotgun shells.

Now, all that said, if it fits the style of the campaign you're running and everyone's happy with it, go wild.

I also think the ghost steel guns have some problems. First, if they explode on a 1 on the Shooting roll, the average person would lose their hand about 13-16% of the times they were shot (no wild die, no bennies). This is not a product that could remain on the market: people would just quit buying them pretty quickly. Admittedly, I'm not a gunsmith, but I also don't believe that improving the metal of the gun itself would actually increase the damage in any way: that's a function of the ammo, which I like the way you covered with most of your special ammo. For the ghost steel guns, I think I might go with the reduced weight you did, make them tougher than normal guns (virtually break-proof, really, assuming that all the horrible accidents occur to the poor bastards in manufacturing), and give them better range and accuracy. Those attributed are controlled by the gun itself and could be made better with the truer barrels and better rifling that, in theory, ghost steel could allow.

I like all the special ammo except the silver rounds. Part of the fun and the horror of the evils of the Weird West is their individuality. If you can just get a one-size-kills-all bullet, I think that really pulls the flavor out of it. Besides, a lot of them aren't particularly odd, so you're getting rid of that shading between the natural, the changed, and the supernatural.

As always, these are just my opinions. Individual game groups vary wildly, and I can easily see these fitting into others' conceptions of the Weird West without any difficulty whatsoever. Thanks for sharing.

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#3 Postby JackAce » Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:48 pm

jpk wrote:Admittedly, I'm not a gunsmith, but I also don't believe that improving the metal of the gun itself would actually increase the damage in any way: that's a function of the ammo,

Actually, it's both.

More Damage usually comes from a more powerful cartridge, but you need a stronger weapon to fire such cartridges.

That's exactly what "Magnum" weapons and ammo are: Same caliber bullet, bigger powder load, stronger gun barrel and action to withstand the powder load's greater force.
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#4 Postby Targetlock » Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:56 pm

JackAce: this is what was intended with the ghost steel weapons, more power behind the shot
jpk: thanks for the advice i'll tone them down a little.

These items will be very rare in my campaign by the way.
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#5 Postby jpk » Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:32 pm

That's sort of what I thought on the Magnums, JackAce. That means the ghost steel gun by itself wouldn't have an increased damage unless you were using specific overcharged rounds for that gun. So, maybe that damage boost requires the correct ghost steel rounds, which then shouldn't be usable (as safely, at least) in normal guns and probably shouldn't provide their own damage boost. Or maybe the ghost steel guns don't provide a damage boost, but can (relatively) safely use the damage-boosting ghost steel ammo.

Now, if you want to be mean (as we as GMs are so often wont to do), you could provide the first set of really super-cool Hoyle's cards as written, for some reason take them away after a game or so, then only let them find the toned-down version. They'll go crazy chasing after the vanished grail of cool huckster weapons...

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#6 Postby Targetlock » Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:47 pm

nah i'm not that mean,our huckster starts with a set of hoyle's cards, but there toned down. i'll post up the toned down version soon plus retooled version of the ghost steel weapons.
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#7 Postby Dodge City » Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:57 pm

The idea of Ghost Steel Bullets, or Ghost Rock Bullets (The powder charge is mixed with Ghost Rock) was something I had thought of to use as a trapping for the Smite Power if used with a Mad Scientist. Granted, it would provide a +2 or a +4 to damage depending on the Mad Scientist's roll, which is potentially more powerful than yours. Also, it is assumed that it could be done to any type of round. (Sharp' Big '50/Bullard Express=2D10+4 Damage.)
Also, if you allow the Duplicator Edge from one of the Pulp Toolkits (I don't remember which one.) the Mad Scientist could potentially mass produce such ammo. To balance it out, I would rule that a 1 on the Shooting roll would cause the round to burn to hot and explode, ruining the weapon. If a character goes bust, then I would suppose they take damage, maybe2d6+1 for each bullet still in the weapon, so a fully loaded 6 shooter would cause 2d6+6 damage to the firer. Sounds pretty nasty, but it is only if the firer rolls snake eyes.
In the event that extras are equiped with such rounds, if they roll a 1, I guess its up to the GM. If they want to be nice to the Posse, they could just say the weapon explodes and the extra dies, or gets demoralized since they can't fire back and run away. Extras with more resolve, and controlled by a meaner GM, might simply through their ruined firearm away and either draw a spare, or resort to hand to hand combat.

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