HoE Aftermath?

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#21 Postby shadd4d » Thu May 14, 2009 2:15 pm

Chezzo wrote: There's just something about an unbeatable foe that you have to research, and find a weakness for, that both makes coming up with adventures, and playing them, an absolute blast.

There's also the wonderfully cruel smile of the Marshal when he mentions to the player that his impressive damage roll with a double barrel shotgun against a servitor...has the effect of having tossed wet lead-coloured paint upon the bad guy, whose ire grows as the lead pools onto the ground...along with the player's chances of survival...in a less metallic colour. :twisted:


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#22 Postby Teller » Fri May 15, 2009 11:13 pm

Oh, I'm guessing :) that there will be plenty of servitors still around.

Unfortunately, trying to cram all the HoE-y goodness into one book, along with a PPC, means a lot of detail gets left out. Of course, when whole books were devoted to one place (IO, Denver, CoS, Shattered Coast) I'm sure you can see how they just get highlights (although some cool new stuff and places will be added in). If you really want to know all about a particular place, I'm afraid getting the classic books is the way to go--unless major changes are made and it gets broken up into multiple books. Picking up the sci-fi toolkits would also help with some fiddly bits that are too detailed to go into in a big book like HoE (for detailed bionics, for example).
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#23 Postby Ray » Fri May 29, 2009 9:39 pm

My group just reasoned that the biggest and meanest Servitors stepped into the shoes of the Reckoners as best as possible.

One Ex-PC replaced Death after having a "Heartless-to-Heartless" talk with Stone.

It went something like this:

Stone: "I'd be in charge of everything dealing with Death."
The Servitor With No Name: "Yep."
Stone: "Sounds like too much paperwork. You take it."
TSWNN: "Fair enough. Now, a few more names for your list."
Stone: "That's the Paperwork I like. And the work I like, too."
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