HoE Classic: Cyborg Recoil Question

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Heavy Shoulder Mount Machine Guns

Max -6 recoil penalty
Max -8 recoil penalty
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HoE Classic: Cyborg Recoil Question

#1 Postby TheBigArn » Wed Nov 12, 2008 4:39 pm

In classic HoE, the recoil rule is that: in an action, each burst fired after the first suffers a -2 recoil modifier, max -6.

I play a 'borg with Dreadnaught Armor, and have two Heavy Shoulder Mounts, each sporting a machine gun. I have the Remote Targeting Programs for the weapons. According to the 'borg book, when firing both of these guns, the shots suffer a -2 recoil penalty. I also have a machine gun mounted on each arm, with the Remote targeting Program for the off-hand.

Whats the general concensus? I know that the arm mounted machine guns will be maxed recoil at -6 after four bursts. Do you think that the shoulder mounts will max at -6 as stated in the Hell on Earth rulebook, or will the penalty in Cyborgs stack and they will max out at -8?


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#2 Postby Wendigo1870 » Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:24 pm

I'd rule -8, 'cause the ordinary recoil penalty is for 'ordinary' gun-shooting: gun in hand, ordinary human trying to keep gun under control, ...
Now we have a cyborg shooting from his shoulders (not hands), not one but two guns, and then two more from his arms, for a total of 4 guns! -8 seems decent IMO!

You're from the Ghost-Rock Bomb group, right? You're all min-max munchkins or what? :lol: What else have you got in your posse?

Seriously, playing such an ammo/money-guzzler will have you live in poverty in no time. That's probably going to be a general consensus.
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#3 Postby GenThrockmorten » Fri Nov 14, 2008 5:14 pm

I am the marshal for the "Ghost Rock Bomb" group. I have a heavy can, a junker, a librarian, and a doomsayer. I have taken them through most of the missions and through Unity. We are now on Banshee and I am going from there. It is a powerful group but after so much xp and such it is not surprising. The more powerful the group the more powerful the monster(s).

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