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Hell On Earth Classic - The Mississippi - Advice

#1 Postby farmergiles » Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:13 am

Regardless of whether my posse manages to turn Junkyard into a Deadland next session (lol, big boss battle against Cult of Doom underneath Junkyard) I'm going to send them to the Mississippi area as I like the fact that survival in this area is more tough, resources are more scarce and you get to use the hot/cold rules in Hell Swamp for a change. I'm kinda bored with the posse been able to grab pretty much all they need cheap from Junkyard.

Now I've got Hell on High Water to use, but I'm trying to come up with other ideas for what adventures to run (possibly bringing in some Waste Warrior army squads as my mates are constantly making ex-military this and that). None of the books provide a great deal of information on the area outside of Hell on High Water. What amusing tales have others had from this area?

Now all I got to do is think of a reason to move the posse several hundred miles across the US and have them WILLING to do it! :P If Junkyard becomes a Deadland, that will be a lot simpler! :P

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#2 Postby Fuzyfeet » Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:33 pm

I love the southern Mississippi area in HoE. Swamp Pirates, mutant gators, bloats everywhere and mad hatter-style Marti Gras all year long!

I always wanted to have a posse head that way and get shanghaied by pirates and sold, or at least pretend/let themselves to help save/find someone.

Another idea I had was the Whateley! Having that madder than a rabies infected, mutant, inbred, magical family stir up a hornet's nest of trouble would be so much fun. I figured that they would be luring travelers in with specialty good that they got "for the east" only to use them in blood sacrifices and sell the equipment to the next batch of travelers.

Then there was my Voo-dune-it adventure idea. Someone down south has a vision of the posse coming to take them out so they try to stop that from happening. Of course the act of trying to stop it was what started the posse's trek south in the first place. Someone puts a hex on the posse, and they find someone to help remove it. That person can't, but can tell where the offender is and that only that person can lift the curse (by choice, or death). Problem is when they get to where they are going there are so many possible suspects and groups that they end up spending a few sessions there doing side quests just to find out who put the whammy on the posse in the first place.

No, there are just too many possibilities any where in HoE to get stuck for a while...

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#3 Postby farmergiles » Sat Nov 08, 2008 7:48 am

Does anyone have a Deadlands version map of Louisiana or any nearby states? I can get maps of Louisiana and stuff easy enough but considering the river flooded 12ft higher most of that is likely to be swamp or underwater or something. Has anyone made a decent Deadlands Wasted West map of that area?

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