Savaged Lost Colony

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Savaged Lost Colony

#1 Postby R2Q2 » Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:50 am

Hi, I hope this is the right forum. After all this is no Savage Worlds setting, but a conversion of Lost Colony. Instead of making more than one question, I do only this one, at first. So I hope you have a little time for me.

So what are my problems? That is easy to say. But let me start at the beginning: I converted most of the LC stuff from classic to Savage Worlds, and we use the new rules. But I have still a few problems, now.

The greatest one is the Mute. I have no real idea how I can do him the right way. After all he is replicating things, and do not create new stuff like a Junker or Mad Scientist. Currently I use a system for PP cost that is loosely orientated on the Showdown calculation. The different parts are (chemical, electronic and structural) are summed up to one part, now called spare parts. The mute needs spare parts that costs halve the wanted equipment. The packages are bought as edges. Sounds more or less good, but I don’t like my PP calculation. I hope one of you can help me.

The next thing I have problems with is the cost of ghost rock bombs for black market. And before you say there are no ghost rock bombs in Faraway, please note that I use them for my campaign. The reasons for that are really easy:
Firstly HI has the knowledge and resources to produce them, and with Bazelus in power of the HI there is a good reason for production and for use. The costs for a ghost rock bomb listed in Children o’ the Atom ($10,000) looks really low.
The next reason for ghost rock bombs is that they appeared twice in my campaign. One was a 24 session around Temptation (the players managed to stop the terrorists), and the most importantly use of these bombs was the bombing of Red River by Jason Frost, a Syker who was once a pupil of a player character during the Faraway war. But now he is possessed by one of the Fallen. This Fallen made a pact with Death to become a servant. A Fallen needs a little more to become such a thing, and I decided that a ghost rock bomb is a great deal. After all I love Hell on Earth. Now he flies with his EXFOR destroyer class spacecraft through the star system to kill, increase his crew and to create fear (think of pirates 2). My players called me crazy to increase the fear level in space.
The last reason is that I love these nasty bombs.

Currently I am doing much work on spacecrafts in Faraway. And yesterday I get a great idea about nanite missiles and torpedoes used by HI (no one knows about their true existence, they are more a myth, but do really exist). Think of these Buzz droids, but much more efficient and a lot smaller. I am thinking about using the fire rules, but I am not really sure about it. And I have no idea how much they should cost on black market (fakes were sold in the past).
I also decided to make space a little more important. And the technology available is like in the new TV show Battlestar Galactica. I also increased the fleet size of EXFOR and HI (the listed ship number in the Lost Colony book was too small for me to get an imperial feeling). And that gave me the idea for computer viruses. I am not planning to make any sort of VR, but has anyone an idea of the internet status in the system? I had read that there is something, but I don’t know its technological level. Currently I think of a system wide version, that is more or less the current one today, and very important for save space navigation. I also need an idea to handle virus and hacker attacks fast, furious and fun. After all virus attacks during space combat will be become very important, as soon as Division 12 (this are corrupted Tech Spirits in human looking bodies, you know the inspiration) decides to wipe out humanity. Division 12 is very important in my campaign. The heroes had a lot to do with them in the past, either fighting them or working together. Currently they think of them as some kind of clones. And if all goes well the heroes can destroy the production spacecraft Augustus I. The consequences of that will be that they will continue the fight in the past, by using the Hell Hole.
But this has a little time. Currently we play Coffin Rocks.

Next problem are the Ripper. Next session I will introduce them and they shall become possible backgrounds. I have enough background ideas for the ripper’s history after the events in the setting book. But most of them are wiped out, or are corrupted now, working for the Cabal/Reckoners. But what technology use they now (silver bullets, UV ammo)? Or how can I handle the lodge system? Influence or socialize ain’t be important any more, I think. Any good idea is welcome.

So this was it, at least for now. But let me say I don’t own any of the toolkits. As soon as the campaign kits are for sell, I will buy them. So please don’t say there is great information in the sci-fi toolkit or horror toolkit. I love Pinnacle, and I buy all of the printed products. My HOE Deadlands books are complete, only a few Weird West books are missing; I have the Savage and Deadlands poker decks, and even some WW2 books. But I will not buy pdf files, sorry about that.

I know that there is many background information of my campaign presented here. But I think that it may be good to know something about my motives.
So thank you for reading all that stuff and I look forward to your ideas.

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#2 Postby steelbrok » Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:21 am

As regards computer viruses how about making them the creations of Pestilence?

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#3 Postby R2Q2 » Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:20 am

I was more thinking about normal computer viruses. But a creation of pestilence, like the Medusa virus sounds funny.

I had done the following during weekend for my computer warfare problem. The first thing was to divide the ship’s computer network into different zones. Each of them has its own card. In every zone are a number of computer systems that can be corrupted, by either a virus or hacker. So the intruder gets complete control about it (really fatale if the controlled system is the power plant

Card Zone

2: Miscellaneous Systems
3: Cargo Bay
4: Communication
5: Sensors
6: Security Systems
7: Spacecraft Controls
8: Artificial Gravity
9: Life Support Unit
10: Mainframe
Jack: Weapon Controls
Queen: Engine
King: Power Controls
Ace: Power Plant
Joker: None, but every zone may be chosen

Next thing I decided was that security programs counter hacking attacks, and anti-virus programs are only to counter viruses. The ship’s computer operator and hacker use their knowledge: computer operation skills. In addition the hacker must use his investigation skill. Viruses have Lock picking, Investigation and Stealth, why security and anti-viruses have Notice and Fighting (didn’t know what skill I could use instead of Fighting, but I don’t like it really).
Gaining control on a corrupted system is only possible with repair software that has Lock picking and tinkering. That’s the short version, so there is no really need to speak about detecting the intruder. At the start of a combat round the virus/hacker makes an Investigation roll. For a Success it/he gets 1 card and on a Raise 2 Cards from a fresh deck to choose a new zone.
Uploading or downloading can only be done in the mainframe. Downloading or uploading a computer program takes 1 round per die type (e.g. the auto-pilot) or one round per bonus granted (assist software). Important data, like the HI databank uses a token system. The more critical or important the data are the more tokens must be downloaded. One token is automatically downloaded, as long as nobody does something against it.
Well, this system will work well as long as only the characters are involved. But as soon as more ships are involved, all this will slow down the combat, and this isn’t my idea. So I need something faster that I can use for more ships, like a convoy. May be a new ship statistic or a quick card system to handle things fast, this is a western game after all.

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