[Talisman Studios] Shaintar Equipment Cards 1-Armor

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[Talisman Studios] Shaintar Equipment Cards 1-Armor

#1 Postby Boulder » Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:14 pm

One of the great things about Shaintar is how truly visual it is, and this first set of Equipment Cards for the setting is a prime example of that. Jason Engle and Alayna Lemmer have teamed up to bring Sean Patrick Fannon's ideas to life, giving you a full set of every kind of armor that exists in Shaintar to show players what they are wearing... or what they are facing. Enhancing the theater of the mind, these cards bring to life the images of warriors clashing on the field of battle, dressed in their gear of war, representing the nations and the causes they serve.

With printable backings for both notes or attractive "deck" backings, you have the power to print and create these cards and use them any way you wish. For example, how wonderful would it be for a player to discover an enchanted suit of Korindian Studded mail (resplendent with the embedded seashells), and you can hand him an illustrated card with all the appropriate notes on it?

Look to the rest of the Talisman Studios products to find other sets of cards that can enhance your gameplay - after all, Talisman is, first and foremost, an art studio with a gaming addiction. Enjoy!

Product contains: an 8 page full-color, high resolution PDF with 27 armor item cards, and three sheets of differening card backs for you to print out and use.

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