[SPC] Matter Control Question

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[SPC] Matter Control Question

#1 Postby patnodewf » Sat Nov 23, 2013 2:04 pm

The text for this reads:

He may cover an area the size of a Medium Burst Template for each level of this power.

Is this referring to an area which can be affected.. or the amount of area which the matter may be stretched thin to literally "cover?" I ask because we had some confusion interpreting this at our table last night (3rd SW session our group played together). The next two statements provided context clues which contributed to the confusion:

Normally this is a thickness of a few (game world) inches


The amount of material affected is shown below.

What was attempted, was our Matter Contoller tried to mold a set of double (metal) doors in a fashion that would have squished them up against the walls and moved them 5ft down the hallway, in which they had blocked, along the walls and reformed as a solid barrier. A highly situational maneuver, but one that was explored to help gain an understanding of the intended limitations of the Matter Control ability.

There was also talk of considering use of Telekinesis to impart momentum.

Is this suppose to be confusing verbiage, to empower the GM; or are we just over-thinking things?

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#2 Postby Clint » Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:10 am

It's literally cover like it says. Basically, its the maximum area they can provide with a Toughness 10 barrier.

The weight gives a (very rough) idea how much it will take to do that. If the character doesn't have access to that much material, then either the area is lowered or the Toughness is or possibly both (GM's call).

If dealing with a couple of typical metal doors which generally have a Toughness of 10, the character would likely have to sacrifice a couple of points if he wanted to cover a larger area (or use additional material).
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