[NE] Actual Play Plot Point Campaign - Player's Perspective

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[NE] Actual Play Plot Point Campaign - Player's Perspective

#1 Postby Gospog » Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:15 am

So, my GM (my beautiful and brilliant wife) is running us through the NE Plot Point campaign.

So, if you read any further...SPOILER ALERT!!!

Likewise, please don't respond with any spoiler-ific info. I like being surprised. :razz:

Final warning: I'll try to take all the swears out first (they are pretty rare) but if you are easily offended and/or have no sense of humor, DO NOT READ my game journals. You will only make yourself upset. :cool:

Mods, if I post something that is just too much, please let me know and I'll be happy to remove or edit any offending entries.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy them.

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Dr. Omega - Origin (spoiler free)

#2 Postby Gospog » Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:21 am

Date: December 2
Therapist: Dr. Leonard Mortin
Subject: Omega
Session 43

DR. MORTIN: H-hello, Omega, how are we today?

OMEGA: Hello, doctor. The usual, I’m afraid. I’m feeling…angry. Like I want to, you know…destroy stuff. You ever get like that? Know what I mean?

DR. MORTIN: I think it’s normal to feel like that, Omega. In fact, I think that you’ve been sounding consistently normal for weeks now and that your mental health is impro-

OMEGA: Stop right there, Doctor Mortin! We are both well aware that I am still…not well. Your family will be released when I am one hundred percent healthy and not a moment before! Do I make myself clear?

DR. MORTIN: Y-yes. (oh god oh god oh god)

OMEGA: Good. Now, where were we? Did we cover my plans for world domination in detail, yet? I think you’ll find that they’ve changed since you last heard them.

DR. MORTIN: Actually, Omega, you asked that we talk about how you became…what you are. You told me that you were once a superhero and that still bothers you.

OMEGA: Ah, right. I’m not sure if “bother” is the right word. It…concerns me. But not a great deal. I’m not paralyzed by it, you see.

DR. MORTIN: Why don’t you start at the beginning of your career and maybe we can both find out what concerns you.

OMEGA: Very well. Well, we’ve got to go back to Project Zenith. Must have been at least 10 years ago now. I was their first field agent, you know. And so my code name was Alpha. A supra genius they said, off the charts. I devised a series of weapons systems for the government. Many formed the core of what Special Forces use today but some were only able to function when keyed to my own unique brain patterns.

DR. MORTIN: How did you feel about these inventions? When you saw other people use them.

OMEGA: Well proud, of course. I was 18 and I was told that I was smarter than anyone else in the country; that I mattered to them. They really had me fooled. But even back then, I would see later agents fumbling around with my technology and I knew…I KNEW…they didn’t deserve it. But they got it anyway. They got it…

DR. MORTIN: So did you always work alone as a…field agent, you said?

OMEGA: No, of course not! Project Zenith started drafting anyone who showed the slightest deviance from the norm. Did you know that they were actually training a man who could spit at up to 70 miles per hour? It wasn’t terribly useful, to be honest. Anyway, I later was saddled with two idiots to watch over.

DR. MORTIN: We’ve talked about them before, haven’t we?

OMEGA: Yes! Yes, of course we’ve talked about them before! “Beta” had his DNA spliced with that of a cheetah. I assisted in that project but Dr. Grimes got all the credit. I told you he was sleeping with the head of R&D, right? I told you that, didn’t I?

DR. MORTIN: I think you mentioned that theory be-

OMEGA: Theory?

DR. MORTIN: That fact has been duly noted, Dr. Omega.

OMEGA: Very well. Beta was useless. Without the suit I designed to protect him from ballistic and energy attack, he would have died in training. Gamma…if anything, Gamma was worse and even more useless. He’d been exposed to some kind of new radiation and lapsed into a coma. In the coma, he grew to a height of nine feet and his skin tinted.

DR. MORTIN: Green?

OMEGA: Whatever! It’s not important! The man was a simpleton! He was a janitor, did I tell you that? He was exposed to the quantum radiation trying to CLEAN A DIMENSIONAL PORTAL! What kind of IDIOT cleans a dimensional portal??? WELL??!

DR. MORTIN: Omega, I want you to take a deep breath and start counting by two’s, like we practiced.

OMEGA: I…I’m ok. I’m fine. We can go on. I’m fine.

DR. MORTIN: Why don’t we skip ahead to when you changed costumed identities? To the…incident?

OMEGA: Yes, ok. We were on a mission, the idiots and I. Beta and Gamma. Beta was given leadership of the team. Affirmative action. Bah! Anyway, Beta, Gamma and I had infiltrated the fortress of King Midas. Thanks to Gamma, we’d been captured and hung suspended over vats of molten gold. Midas was ranting (You want to see a crazy person? Now HE was crazy!). He made some ridiculous demands and hit a button. My...um...my…

DR. MORTIN: We can take a break now if you want.

OMEGA: No, I’m fine. I’m good, really. Midas hit a button and my restraints released. I held on to the open cuffs for as long as I could but my grip was slipping. I’d calculated the distance to swing to the gantry and it was too far. I fell…

DR. MORTIN: But you lived.

OMEGA: Yes. Yes, I lived. Beta had slipped free of his bonds by slipping out of his gloves. He swung down, hanging by his tail, and pulled me out of the molten gold. He lost his hand doing that. I…I lost…I blacked out.

DR. MORTIN: My notes from a previous session say that you woke up in the hospital. How did that make you feel?

OMEGA: Feel? I felt…angry. Betrayed. I lost both my legs, my arm and most of my skin. I still remember, I could feel my insides…moving. Something was wrong. And it was never put right until I put it right.

DR. MORTIN: Your doctors couldn’t help you?

OMEGA: They tried. But they were only men. Would you let a caveman fix your car? Indeed. I rolled out of the hospital and into the lab. It took me months but I built a battlesuit that mimicked the functionality of my old body and incorporated elements of my proprietary weapons systems.

DR. MORTIN: You returned to Project Zenith, then? Why?

OMEGA: I…I don’t know. I think it was all I knew. By then, they’d gotten a new member. Bereft of my intellect and imagination, they codenamed her Delta. Delta could fly and shoot beams of energy from her eyes. Which were green. Her eyes, not the beams. Anyway, if I wanted to rejoin, I had to take a new codename as well. I chose “Raptor” but Gamma started calling me Epsilon and it stuck. So, I was Epsilon.

DR. MORTIN: And how did that make you feel? The name change?

OMEGA: At first I didn’t care, or I pretended not to. But it got old pretty fast, especially since Gamma couldn’t pronounce “epsilon”. I was “Ep-So long”. It was maddening, now that I think about it.

DR. MORTIN: Let’s discuss your feelings for Delta, the new team member. It’s obvious you had feelings for her.

OMEGA: Doctor, your family are in the hands of my chief interrogator. If you wish to see them again…all of them…I suggest you stick to the important topics. Am I making myself clear, doctor?

DR. MORTIN: Y-yes, Omega. Right. Important…topics. So, you weren’t Epsilon for very long, then?

OMEGA: No, not long. A few months, a year.

DR. MORTIN: What changed?

OMEGA: We were on another mission. We had just stopped Duke Oblivion and his army of robo-apes (fascinating concept, actually, the man did his research). Anyway, we’d beaten the Duke and his army and it was one of those strange, quiet moments that comes after a major battle. After we’d won but before the authorities came to haul the villain away.

DR. MORTIN: How did that change you? What happened?

OMEGA: We talked.

DR. MORTIN: You talked?

OMEGA: With the Duke. No witty catch phrases, no battle cries. We had a discussion. I asked him…I asked him why he did it. I asked him why he wanted to destroy the world.

DR. MORTIN: And did he tell you why?

OMEGA: He did…

DR. MORTIN: Omega?

OMEGA: Sorry. I was lost in thought. Yes, the Duke told us why he did it all. He made the most convincing argument I’d ever heard: people were stupid. That was it. That was his whole case. People were too stupid to live. Either he would rule them and do a better job than they did governing themselves or he’d do them a favor and destroy them all!

DR. MORTIN: And how did that make you feel?

OMEGA: Liberated! I had an…an epiphany! I felt like my whole life had just crystalized in front of me. I knew my purpose.

DR. MORTIN: And the rest of your team?

OMEGA: Fools! Delta was too busy hanging off of Beta to even notice our conversation. Gamma had trouble noticing when he soiled himself. My team probably deserved my pity but at the time I couldn’t help but hate them. Here they were, gifted with beyond-human abilities and they still had all the same flaws and shortcomings that “normal” people had. It was pathetic and I hated them all.

DR. MORTIN: So it was after that that you became…

OMEGA: Doctor Omega, yes. I started as Alpha, you see. You get it? Alpha was the beginning. Well, I was telling them that “this is the end”. I’m not sure they got it, either. Simpletons.

DR. MORTIN: But you got your revenge?

OMEGA: Not…not exactly. I trapped them in my volcano lair and they were defeated by my zombie ape-bots (all paid for by Project Zenith too, the fools!). I had them all hooked into my Pain Amplifier and had taken a break to eat lunch. When I came back, they were all free and wreaking havoc in my Control Chamber!

DR. MORTIN: And that made you feel what?

OMEGA: Angry! Damn angry. Of course it made me angry! It was a hell of a fight. I barely got away. But luckily, I’d planned for just such an occasion. My zombie ape-bots didn’t care when the volcano erupted, but my human staff did. Those idiots from Team Zenith rescued my minions while I flew to safety.

DR. MORTIN: Was that the last you saw of your former team mates?

OMEGA: No, I’d face them again and again over the next few years. They stopped my drilling robots in Alaska. And Gamma single-handedly destroyed my killer satellites before I could use them. When Beta and Delta got married, I crashed the party with my Murder Clones. Now THAT was a wedding! But eventually, we drifted apart. I’d get them into a death trap occasionally and we’d catch up for a while before they escaped, but it got to be less and less frequent. And then…

DR. MORTIN: And then the V’Sori.

OMEGA: Yes. And then the V’Sori.

DR. MORTIN: I think maybe we’ll end our session there until next week, ok?

OMEGA: You may leave me now. Go!
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Game 0 - Still no spoilers!

#3 Postby Gospog » Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:39 pm

Game 0 was where we all made characters. We had extra time in the session so the GM also ran a short bank heist.

I typed it up as a Star City police Report. The actual document I created doesn't translate well to plain text. But here's the interview by the police with a witness.

RELEASE: At approximately 15:21 on 02/02/08, a number of individuals assaulted and robbed the Star City Trust & Savings Bank. The perpetrators had illegal weaponry to include a light machinegun and the now illegal M2 “ Herokiller handguns. (see V’Sori mandate 01012008316) It is also highly likely that the robbers were at least Class 5 SPBs. Subsequent investigation after eye witness interviews tentatively identified the group as members of the Omega Men. (see V’Sori Execution order 03102006112: Dr. Omega)

The perpetrators absconded with approximately $6,000.00 and caused almost $47,000.00 of damage to the bank. An additional $61,000.00 of damage was done to Police vehicles and four officers killed. (see attached posthumous citations for bravery)

Below is an interview between Agent Malone of the Special Ops Corp (SoCORP) and one of the witnesses, a bank teller identified as Kelly Perkins.

AGENT MALONE: So, Miss Perkins, you were at the front desk when the robbery occurred, correct?

KELLY PERKINS: Y-yes, me and Monica. Ugh, I think I’m going to be sick…

AM: That’s ok. Everything’s ok now. So, this Monica, could she be in collusion with the bank robbers?

KP: WHAT? She..she’s dead now! (sobbing)

AM: (checks notes) So she is. My mistake. So...did you see this (checks notes again)…Monica die?

KP: Yes.

AM: Miss Perkins, Kelly, I need you to tell me about it.

KP: Oh god. Um, ok. We were getting ready to cash out since it was almost 4:00. Then this…guy came in. He was huge, like Shaq but his skin was…all wrong. It moved, like on its own. Oh god! (noise of vomiting)

AM: Please Kelly, I need you to continue.

KP: Ugh! Ok. This messed up guy, he hands Monica a deposit envelope. There was something sticking out of it. Something…lit. It was… (sobbing)

AM: Miss Perkins, please. It was what?

KP: It was dynamite. The desk blew up, Monica blew up. I could feel blood trickling out of my ears. I was on the ground, there was smoke.

AM: Ok, good. Thank you. See? That wasn’t so hard. What happened then? (Agent Malone lights up a cigarette)

KP: Th-there was a customer. M-Mr. Wayne. He’s in the bank a lot. He was. He was in the bank, at my window. The messed up monster grabbed Bruce-

AM: Bruce?

KP: Mr. Wayne.

AM: Ah. Continue.

KP: He grabbed him and put him…inside of him. He put him IN him! (sound of vomiting)

AM: You mean he…sexually assaulted your client?

KP: No! He…I don’t know…engulfed him. With his oozy body. It- he…Oh god! He stayed in there a long time. There were gunshots outside, and sirens. I wanted to move but I couldn’t. I couldn’t move.

AM: What happened then?

KP: The monster guy, he…shuddered. Like something moving inside him, or a cat with hairball. He…let Mr. Wayne go. He fell out, onto the floor. Oh god. He’d been all…chewed up. Or dissolved. It was bad. That was when I turned and ran to the back room.

AM: Was he alive? Did Mr. Wayne say anything when he was “ejected” from the monster?

KP: Yes…

AM: What did he say?

KP: …

AM: Miss Perkins, please.

KP: Ok. Ok. He said “Oh no. Oh god. I have cancer.” Then I think he fell down.

AM: Thank you, Miss Perkins, I think we have all we need for now. A SoCORP agent may be contacting you in the near future to go over this in detail. You would be well advised to cooperate.


It has been surmised that two to four additional SPBs were acting in concert with this monster described by the witness. The M.O. of the job and corroborating reports indicate that our suspects were Omega Men, working for Dr. Omega. Forensic specialists found a hole in the bank vault ceiling, indicating that the Doctor himself was not involved in the job (Dr. Omega is in possession of illegal teleport technology banned by V’Sori Ordinance 01292006245).

This case is still pending further investigation. Several factors indicate a connection between the “monster” described by Kelly Perkins and the strange television broadcast that interrupts programming at 3:40 PM every day.

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Game 1 - SPOILERS for Plot Point Campaign

#4 Postby Gospog » Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:45 pm

Dr. Omega Personal Record 0089746

Encryption disabled.
Retinal scan positive.


I am incensed. Things are not going according to plan. At least, not in specific. In general, things are fine. My therapy sessions with the craven Dr. Mortin are (according to him) making progress. I now refer to Scrape as “my son”, although I have been forced to spurn his repeated requests for “hugs”, for obvious reasons.

But no. It’s the events of last night that vex me. The events and their shadowy orchestrator.

I began the evening in the custody of the V’sori. More specifically, of the K’tharen. All I did was liberate some undeserved candy from a line of unattended local brats at a bridal show. Clearly, I had more right to the confections than they, being rightful ruler of the Earth and all.

In any case, the mewling brat’s mothers made an even bigger noise and drew the attention of a local patrol. I will omit the tedious details for fear of wasting my own time in re-reading these notes in the future.

Suffice it to say that I woke up in a M’buna headed off planet for a V’sori research ship. Apparently I was slated for dissection.

There were others in the transport, apart from out K’tharen captors. My erstwhile janitor and maintenance man Uri was there, encased in a spherical holding cell. It completely contained his ball-lighting, plasma-suspended form. Unfortunately, they equipped the sphere with audio speakers.

The Reverend Burdo was also in attendance. He seemed composed and calm, as ever. The other two prisoners were new. Dr. Saurial is a biologist known around the country for drastic and unethical leaps in engineering. I was unaware that he is a biped chameleon. Isis is another global force known to me. She is said to have considerable illicit holdings overseas. She was also rumored to be a martial artist without peer and a paid assassin. None of this helped us at the time, bound as we were in nullifiers.

I immediately proposed a plan for our escape, which was just as quickly accepted by my new subordinates. I would feign a seizure. It would be all but authentic, a benefit of my training with monks in Tibet in my youth. (I also did a little theater in high school, nothing major…I thought I’d meet girls)

Once I was convincingly apoplectic, Isis would convince our K’tharen captors to allow the Reverend Burdo to lay on hands and heal me. This would require the removal of his nullifier gauntlets, thus restoring his mind control powers as well. He could then direct the K’tharen to fly us to safety and forget the whole affair.

My plan was enacted. I began to thrash convincingly. The guards were intrigued, then alarmed. Even in my supine state, I could see that it was working. But then, fate intervened and our daring escape was interrupted. The ship crashed and was torn open. We were hauled from the craft by minions. Minions! I refused to be touched, crawling to the new aperture myself. I directed the minions to grab my luggage (Uri, in his containment globe).

Our rescuer was none other than Doctor Destruction! Destruction is a local legend, the organizer of the unimaginatively named group “Omega”. Omega is the only group of super powered beings (SPB) known to be making headway in insurgency against the alien invaders.

Doctor Destruction himself cuts an imposing figure, although his flair for the melodramatic would shame most grown men. Still, he had us at a disadvantage and very soon, we found ourselves hurled from a hover transport, due to fall and splat on the ground unless we swore allegiance to Doctor Destruction and Omega.

We had been given a mission briefing: infiltrate a V’sori SPB holding camp. Rescue a one Mindjack (we were given a description). Escort this “Mindjack” to the center of the camp for extraction.

Hurtling towards the ground, I knew that I cold survive such a fall, encased in armor of my own design. Uri Petrovich Shukov (UPS) would also be fine, as he is a ball of energy. But Burdo might die. And without him, I could not revive the others, either. With a second to spare, I pledged to Destruction and Omega.

UPS used his magnetism to slow our landing. We landed on the tin roof of the holding cells. I collected up all of the nullifier gauntlet parts that had been blown off our hands (again with the theatrics, Destruction!). They would be handy moving forward.

Robotic drones were rushing to the prison building. I pointed at UPS, “Power to the camp”, I pointed at Burdo “Distract the guards”, and then I submitted to yet another master: gravity…and fell inside the prison.

As luck would have it, I landed right next to a bound and imprisoned Mindjack. Drones directed blaster fire my way and one went so far as to touch my person! I had no time for such base conflict, occupied as I was in using the parts of the shattered nullifiers to create a nullification circuit of my own, wired to the gauntlets on Mindjack. A brief power pulse from my own armor reversed the polarity of my device, shutting down the nullifiers on Mindjack. This caused them to fall to the ground, inert.

Meanwhile, Isis confirmed some rumors for me and expanded the file I’ll need to keep on her. She exhibited superhuman agility and martial prowess. She personally accounted for at least two of the drones, decapitating one and getting yet another to blast another drone! Impressive.

Of Doctor Saurial, there was no sign., Disappointing but not all scientists are meant for field work.

Once Mindjack was free of his bonds, I teleported us both to the light tower in the center of the camp. Two drones opened fire on us from atop a nearby building. Mindjack was too addled to throw up a telekinetic shield to save us, despite my insistence (amateur!).

I was forced to teleport over to the two drones and introduce one to the ground in a sudden and terminal manner. Unfortunately, the other used this opportunity to rake me with blaster fire. My personal armor was compromised and I was sorely wounded.

While this was transpiring, Saurial had apparently freed the other prisoners, a useful distraction. Mindjack had made some pathetic noises about rescuing them as well and I saw no reason not to take credit for the “plan” that did so.

Reverend Burdo had taken more than a few drones out of the active fight using illusions and he was making his way to the light tower even as I faced the drones on top of the guardhouse.

I could see UPS darting around below. Someone had destroyed several of the drones and he was flitting around them light some kind of giant lightning bug. Simpleton.

Surprisingly, Doctor Destruction came to collect us, as promised. As we left the area, he advised us to “lay low” for a while (truly, he is a genius) and he may call upon us for future tasks. He asked what our group was called. I saw no reason to not incorporate my associates in my affairs (namely vengeance against the V’sori). I informed Doctor Destruction that he beheld the Omega Men and we would most likely deign to work with him again.

I advised my compatriots to lay low for a while and that we would meet in Southpoint in on month’s time. They agreed.

Technical note: as discovered by UPS and Isis, drones are partially organic. If they are partially human, we may have discovered what happened to the millions upon millions of people who used to live in Star City, before the invasion. If they are Atlantean, the same theory could be posited. If they are alien, then I think that our legal system could learn much from V’sori methods of punishment. Perhaps I shall have Scrape bring me a drone for dissection…

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#5 Postby Snate56 » Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:22 pm

That was pretty darn good, Gospog, Thanks for posting!
Will look forward to hearing further reports.

“Beta” had his DNA spliced with that of a cheetah.

The way you refered to these idiots, my first thought when I read this was the monkey, not the cat... :-D

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Game 2 - SPOILERS Plot Point Campaign

#6 Postby Gospog » Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:23 am

Doctor Omega sat in the dark. He didn’t like it. Oh, he enjoyed a good brood as much as the next criminal mastermind, but mostly he was sitting in the dark because Uri, the sentient ball of plasma energy that powered most of his Omega Dome’s functions…was missing.

Absent. Gone. On vacation? The spherical aberration had disappeared a few days ago, plunging several sections of the Dome into darkness. From the street, of course, nothing would have changed. People would still see Quicky’s Fish Cannery. The Omega Dome was not so much a dome as a fortified…basement. The fortifications were still in progress, but Dr. Omega was assured by the work crew that it would be done in two weeks.

With a deep sigh, amplified by the speakers in his helmet, he rose from his floating throne (currently plugged into the wall by an extension cord…Damn you, Uri, where are you?!?!). He had work to do. UPS wasn’t the only super villain conspicuously absent from the Omega Dome.

Scrape, the shapeless mass of terror…his clone son…was also gone. Scrape was an even more puzzling disappearance. His touch caused cancer (or instant death), he was eight feet of shifting flesh and corruption. If he’s out in the world, he would be picked up by the V’sori in short order, or end up on the local news. Probably both. But the Internet and the news channels have been silent on that count. Not that he was monitoring the news for such things, of course. Not at all. He had been busy with other things.

He’d decided to grow another clone son. Scrape was cloned from a mole on Dr. Omega’s back. He would not make that mistake again! This time, the cells to clone were taken from his very bones! It was a complicated process to take the sample by himself and the harness chafed, but at long last, the bone cells had grown into a fully-formed man! A proper scion to the Overlord of Evil, Doctor Omega!

Dr. Omega hit a series of buttons on his control panel, cursed and then switched the extension cord from the floating throne to the apparatus in front of him. Panels flashed to life, spitting last minute computations. In the center of the room, a giant tank bubbled and frothed with murky liquid inside. All of the screens flashed “FINAL STAGE”. Something in the tank moved.

Dr. Omega threw a final switch.

“Vertebreaker, arise!”

The glass vat shattered! Shards of glass and proto-amniotic fluid spattered the Doctor’s burnished power armor. Where the vat once stood…was a monster! A hulking, bone-sprouting mass of a man. His backside sported a long scorpion-like tail, made of bone and topped by a wicked stinger. Bony plates, reminiscent of animal bones, covered most of the rest of his body.

“Whoo!” yelled Vertebreaker.

Uh oh. Whoo? Had he failed again? Perhaps he shouldn’t have loaded him with that personality he downloaded from the Internet, but he was in a hurry. The profile of the author said he was into Professional Wrestling. Was that a red flag?

“Where am I? Who…am I? Who are you?”

Ah, much better. Scrape had never asked such questions. He’d never asked about his own father, he’d just run off to…well, no matter!

“You are…VERTEBREAKER!!!” Dr. Omega pushed a carefully concealed button, and the sound of thunder crashed out of speakers around the room. The Doctor made a mental note to check later and see why the strobe lights did not kick on.

“And I am your lord and master, DOCTOR OMEGA!” (more thunder wav files)

Vertebreaker seemed suitably impressed with the gravity of the situation and his favored place in the cosmic hierarchy. He started dancing. Damn that wrestling programmer! THat guy is so un-Friended.

“Yes, Vertebreaker, you are my greatest creation! Already, you have far surpassed the intellect of your erstwhile brother, Scrape. You are truly my son. Together, we will-“

“Hello, dad!”

Scrape oozed into the room, waving…something cheerfully. A grin lit up what passed for a face. He hugged Dr. Omega (who was suddenly quite grateful for his enclosed armor) and eyed Vertebreaker warily.

“Who dat?”

Dr. Omega was in the middle of introducing the two brothers and stopping what would be a terminal (for Vertebreaker) handshake when Dr. Saurial and Isis showed up. They appeared on the cameras in the fish cannery and he “buzzed” them in, allowing them access to the elevator.

The Reverend Burdo had also arrived but was a little slower descending to the Omega Dome on account of his fear of elevators. But soon, all of the Omega Men were seated around the lavishly appointed card table. (The Terror Table, Dr. Omega called it when he was not clearing playing cards and full ashtrays off of it. His henchmen were incorrigible.)

“My minions are bound to wake up any minute now. They, um, they will be certain to get us some drinks or whatever it is you need, Dr. Saurial. My minions have been a little…difficult lately, so I’m letting them sleep in. They’ve been talking about unionizing. Horrible week, really.

In any case, I thank you all for showing up as we discussed a month ago. Dr. Saurial, Isis, what have you done to thwart the V’Sori while we have been apart?”

“I’m so glad you asked. I’ve created a television that has perfect HD. Crystal clear.”

“Perfect HD?”

“Yes. Except, it can’t display the color red.”

“That is…impressive. You know, my minions like tv. This tv, it’s not the package I saw you carry in earlier, is it?”

“Yes, I placed it in your Rec Room, Doctor Omega.”

“Excellent! We are making real progress here. I think- “ AOOOGA! AOOGA! AOOGA!

The proximity alarm sounded, filling the air with a cacophony only a mad scientist could love. The close circuit monitors in the fish cannery showed a nondescript man pressing the “call” button by the extremely secret elevator down to the Omega Dome!

“Scrape!” (Dr Omega cut the alarm, to the relief of his guests) “Did you order another pizza?”


“No, look, he’s buzzing the intercom…and he doesn’t have a pizza. “ Reverend Burdo interjected.

Dr. Omega hesitantly pressed the ‘speak’ button for the intercom, “Omeg- er, Quicky Fish Cannery. We’re um…we’re closed.”

Bzzt. “My name is Stan and I’m a messenger from Doctor Destruction. Can I come in?”

A collective groan arose from the assembled super villains. Doctor Destruction had already sent them on a daring jailbreak after rescuing them from incarceration by the V’sori. For all that, he was arrogant, overbearing and more than a little scary. No one liked him but everyone obeyed him…for now.

Stan strolled into the Omega Dome and was quickly introduced. With a smirk, he produced a recording device and hit ‘play”. The voice of Doctor Destruction was immediately recognizable.

“Hello, ‘mighty’ Omega Men. Your last mission for me was a passable success. I have need of your…services again. Under Star City is a massive power source created by the villain Terron. I have need of this power source.

In the warehouse where I last dropped you off, you will find a power converter. This power converter will allow me to access Terron’s power source, but it must be taken to that power source.

I do not currently know where this power source is, but the Undergrounders will know. Find the Undergrounders and they can lead you to the power source. Take my power converter with you. It should be no problem for strong, resourceful types like you.

Do not fail me! Now, go!

This message will self destruct in 10 seconds.”

Stan went pale. Dr. Omega stepped behind Scrape. Dr. Saurial leapt onto the ceiling.

“Just kidding.” Click.

“Son of a bitch.”

“So…what are we looking at?”

The villains and their various gangs of henchmen stood around a large box of intricate machinery. It was not a new machine. It was at least as old as the rusting cradle that it sat in. Jutting out from the inscrutable apparatus itself was a giant conduit, apparently made to plug into something.

Dr. Saurial immediately grasped the overall operation of the machine. He gestured with scaly claws as he explained, “This converter will take the power source of Terron and beam it directly to Doctor Destruction.”

“Well, obviously.” Retorted Dr. Omega. In fact, I think I have enough spare parts with me to engineer a parabolic reflector to divert ten percent of the power to the Omega Dome! It should take me no more than an hour!”

“And what”, asked Saurial, “will the rest of us do while you’re tinkering?”

“You will device a way to get a 600 pound machine into the sewers. You have approximately one hour.”

The reptilian doctor muttered imprecations under his breath as he and the Reverend Burd strode off to “obtain” a construction lifter.

About an hour later, Scrape lit the fuse on a terrifyingly large bundle of dynamite and tossed it in a manhole cover. The explosion collapsed the street for dozens of feet in every direction with a resounding crash!

“Omega Men” muttered Dr Saurial. “Oh no, we are the Subtle Squadron.”

Reverend Burd’s minions guided the construction lifer down into the Star City sewers…

The sewers stank. That made sense, of course and Doctor Omega’s helmet filters removed the worst of it. The villains and their minions made a curious procession down the unlit passages of the sewer system.

“You know” announced a bodiless voice from the direction of the ceiling, “the V’sori have introduced several varieties of beast into the sewers in the past few years."

Dr. Saurial continued as he scuttled across the ceiling, in the dark. “The V’roks, for example, can grow up to eight feet long and is covered in armored plates. They eat living prey only and prefer the flesh of sentient creatures.”

Scrape quailed at the macabre facts being whispered from the shadows. His immediate reaction would have been wholly inappropriate had they not been trudging through a sewer. He sidled close to Vertebreaker, “Brother, hold my hand.”

Vertebreaker was about to respond but as he stepped quickly away from Scrape, he cried out in surprise! Running up fast on the group were three creatures that looked like horrific armored alligators!

“V’roks!” howled Vertebreaker as he charged. The rest of the villainous assembly launched into action!

Reverend Burdo created the illusion of fire in front of one, stymieing it’s advance. Stu, one of Dr. Omega’s henchmen, hosed the area down with light machinegun fire, killing the beast.

Vertebreaker and Isis fought another V’roks, aided by Dr. Saurial. Another of Dr. Omega’s minions, Larry, fired up his chainsaw and charged the beast!

Diamond-reinforced chainsaw teeth met the bony hide of the V’roks, throwing up a stream of sparks! The beast was unharmed but the chainsaw caught on a knob of bone, kicked sharply and flew back at Larry!

It cut his head off.

Unphased, the V’roks lashed out and tore the throat out of Ubu, Isis’s henchman. He died with a bloody gurgle. Isis stopped fighting, got off her three-seater motorcycle and set Ubu back up on the middle seat. She strapped him in.

At the controls of the construction lifter, Dr. Omega saw how the V’roks was avoiding the beam of the motorcycle’s headlight. He switched on all of the lights on the lifter, flooding the passageway with light. The V’roks shrieked with pain!

“Dave!” Dr. Omega instructed one of his remaining henchmen, “Pick up the chainsaw and attack the creature!”

Dave did as he was told and died for his efforts. The beast disemboweled him and he died before the chainsaw ever revved up.

Stu, the final Omega henchman, valiantly took up the chainsaw and attacked, only to be thwarted by those damnable bony plates! The chainsaw bounced back again, taking Stu’s arm off at the shoulder! He bled to death in seconds.

Dr. Omega shook his fist in rage, “I have got to get better minions!”

Meanwhile, his allies had finally delivered the killing blow to another V’roks. Reverend Burd reached out with his mind and took control of the remaining beast.
“You’re coming with us. In fact, you’re leading the way! Sniff us out the secret lair of the Undergrounders and be quick about it!”

As the team collected their gear and in some cases their dead henchmen, the V’roks splashed off down the sewer passage.

Before long, the subterranean beast had cornered some Undergrounder scouts in a smelly cul-de-sac. The villains “saved” the wretched Morloks from the V’roks and agreed to take them to their leader, a woman named Ms. Ramirez.

The City of the Undergrounders was a wonder unto itself! It was a massive cavern filled to capacity with an underground bazaar! Traders hawked their wares, ladies of ill repute worked a night that never ended and pick pockets and sneak thiefs cruised the packed ocean of humanity, like larcenous sharks.

The villains were led to a large and sturdy-looking tent. Several large men, bodyguards by the looks of them, stood watch all around it. Dr. Saurial and his companions entered the tent.

Inside the tent, an attractive Latina woman stood over a camp table covered in maps. She looked very familiar to the villains. She was one of the prisoners they freed from the superbeing prison last month! Furthermore, she showed a special interest in Dr. Saurial, a romantic interest, even.

“Why Doctor Saurial, what brings you to the kingdom of the Undergrounders? I hope you remember me.”

“Of course I do, Ms. Ramirez.”

“Please, call me Juanita.” She smiled brilliantly.

“Um..ah yes. You look very warm…for a homo sapien. I mean, we are looking for the long-hidden power source of Terron. It is rumored to be very close nearby.”

“It is. We can lead you to it. And we just might…but what’s in it for me? I have a lot of people to take care of here. What can you…offer me?” She shot the reptilian doctor a meaningful glance.


Doctor Omega spoke up from the back of the group. “Three Mk 2 Herokiller pistols. Restricted alien-killing tech. Can we go now?”

“Deal! My man Tommy will show you the way to the pit where Terron is rumored to have stored his machine. But I have to warn you: no one has ever gone there and come out alive. You’ll come back to me, won’t you, Doctor Saurial?” She blew him a kiss as he shuffled out of the room.

Their guide had eagerly picked up a Herokiller pistol and the chainsaw. Dr. Omega fell into step beside him as they walked down the subterranean tunnels.

“So, Tommy More, do you know how to use that pistol?”


“You willing to use that chainsaw on another living being?”


“We’re hiring. Or rather, I am. I am Doctor Omega and I am looking for new minions. I offer 401K, full medical and dental. After three months, you qualify for a week’s paid vacation.”

“I’m in.”

The entrance to Terron’s chamber was more of a hole, burned through solid concrete. There was no way that the power converter was going to fit but Scrape had more dynamite, so that didn’t pose a problem.

One blasted hole later, they entered a chamber awash with bright light. Reverend Burdo’s pet V’roks whined in discomfort. Three more V’roks lay dead at their feet. At the far end of the chamber was the giant power source of Terron…and an equally giant robot!

This mechanical guardian left by Terron had clearly killed the V’roks, sensing their entrance. It now sensed the presence of the villains and it’s red eyes lit up as its scythe-like hands began to spin. It charged!

Vertebreaker bounded forward, only to be smashed back by the fury of the robot’s charge!

Tommy More, newest minion of Doctor Omega, eagerly started up the chainsaw. He charged forward at the massive robot, a snarl on his lips. The metal hide of the automaton proved every bit as tough as the bone hide of the V’roks. The chainsaw struck, squealed with a spray of sparks and rebounded.

Tommy More cut his own head off.

There was a moment of stunned silence. Even the killer robot seemed to understand that probability was being mocked somehow, in the Big Picture of things. Doctor Omega slammed his armored fists down on the control panel of the construction lifter in rage.

The moment passed and the combatants clashed again! Vertebreaker delivered a roundhouse kick to the robot, knocking it into the giant power reactor! Isis flipped through the air and landed next to the robot. She spied a control panel on the robot’s back! Scrape’s greatest assets, his corrosive touch and the terror he inspired, only affected the living. He flailed impotently against the mechanical monstrosity.

Doctor Omega stared in stunned silence at the remains of Tommy More. When Reverend Burd asked to “borrow” the chainsaw for one of his minions, it was all Dr. Omega could do to nod in assent.

The minions of Reverend Burdo were far more effective than those of Doctor Omega (especially now). The chainsaw-wielding congregation member separated the killer robot’s head from his shoulders! It hit the floor with a metallic thunk.

A quit settled over the scene. With almost funeral-like ceremony, the villains connected the power converter and turned to go. Dr. Omega allowed the others to connect the machine. Dr. Saurial is more than capable and Omega was busy directing Scrape and Vertebreaker in loading the disabled killer robot onto the construction lifter. Perhaps the day was salvageable after all…

Back at the Omega Dome, the villains gathered around the HD tv. Their post-battle celebration, awkward to begin with, ground to a halt when the tv flickered and displayed the face of none other than Dr. Destruction himself!

“Well done, Omega Men. You didn’t screw up and now I have the power I need. I thought that you might be curious to know what I need all this power for.

You see, I’ve discovered one of Alpha Force’s teleportation gates into Atlantis. I’m going to make it operable again.”

“Th-that’s impossible.” spat Doctor Omega, “You’d need to get the access codes from Champion himself. And we all know he’s dead, we saw it happen live on tv.”

“Let’s just say that Champion left me a steaming pile of clues when he was incinerated. I was able to extract what I needed. I will contact you when I need you again. Be ready!”

The picture disappeared.

“Well, at least his eyes weren’t glowing red, like usual.”

(for now)
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#7 Postby DaRealJudas » Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:53 am

Aww, poor Dr. Omega. Minions + chainsaw = SUCKS!!!!! :mrgreen:

Seriously: How the hell did that happend?! *lol*
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#8 Postby Sadric » Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:10 am

very nice wrieup. I like the powerless Omega Dome aah, basement. :-)

Dr. Omega shouldnt equip their minions with chainsaws. they are fare to dangerous. A question, was there allways a 1 on the attack dice or what happened rulewise. Extras couldnt do snake eyes normaly.

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#9 Postby DaRealJudas » Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:10 am

Sadric wrote:Dr. Omega shouldnt equip their minions with chainsaws. they are fare to dangerous. A question, was there allways a 1 on the attack dice or what happened rulewise. Extras couldnt do snake eyes normaly.

Well, they are dangerous! Every time your Fighting Die (and Extras have those... at least they should have if they are using like a chainsaw) comes up 1, the user hits himself.

And chainsaws hurt like plenty!!!

It just screams Bad Luck to lose 3 (in words: Three) Minions to that in 1 (in words: One) session. :mrgreen:

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#10 Postby Gospog » Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:04 am

THanks, guys. Yeah, the chainsaw rules are rough. That's why Dr. O lets the minions use them...not he, himself!

But minions are cheap. If only the Omega Minions weren't so...well, cheap. :razz:

Butthe minion situation gets totally out of control in the next game or two. Stay tuned.

(and hey, at least I got a giant robot out of the deal!)
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#11 Postby DaRealJudas » Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:24 am

Gospog wrote:Stay tuned.

We will. :lol:
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Game 3 - SPOILERS - Plot Point Campaign (Edited)

#12 Postby Gospog » Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:45 pm

Date: June 15
Therapist: Dr. Leonard Mortin
Subject: Omega
Session 49

DR. MORTIN: Dr. Omega, I guess we can begin?

OMEGA: Yes, doctor Mortin, we may begin. I trust that the hours you spent with your family were pleasant?

DR. MORTIN: Um, yes. Most of my family. I-I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but my son, he w-wasn’t…he…

OMEGA: Your son…David, yes? David managed to escape his mechanical bonds and fashion them and a few other machines into an impressive weapon used to subdue one of my guards.

I hate to see potential go to waste, Dr. Mortin. David is even now being tested for mechanical aptitude, advanced mathematics and even evidence of super powers. If he survives the process, he will be groomed for a position of honor, assisting me in my lab, perhaps. If that happens, you will be advised, as will your wife.

DR. MORTIN: I…uh…gh…

OMEGA: Indeed. I am having a really bad week, Doctor. We should talk about that now. Or has all this talk of your family made you forget that they are even now guests in my Theatre of Pain? Only my complete and total emotional happiness can secure their release. That’s your job, Dr. Mortin.

DR. MORTIN: B-bad week? Yes, we should review your week. Your bad week.

OMEGA: Excellent. Well, the beginning of the week was just awful. I found out that the inflatable beds that Isis sent over (awfully nice of her, might I add), were stolen. They were stolen by my own minions, no less!

DR. MORTIN: Now, didn’t your minions die fighting that robot? We talked about that a few sessions ago.

OMEGA: Yes, well, I hired new minions, of course. But sadly, word has gotten around the minion circles since my last six minions died on the job. So I had to go hire some…undocumented minions.

DR. MORTIN: Undocumented minions? I’m not familiar with the term.

OMEGA: Oh, you know. They hang out on that street behind Price Chopper, in the morning. You can drive by and get them to cut grass, paint fences, guard lairs, that sort of thing.

DR. MORTIN: You hired day laborers as minions???

OMEGA: Well, when you say it like that, it sounds weird. They’re actually very good. And they don’t want half the money my old, dead minions wanted. Best of all, two out of the three of them are still alive! Pretty good, huh? And D. Sanchez, the one that died, went out fighting. I tell you, I’m going to hire more undocumented minions, they’re great!

DR. MORTIN: D. Sanchez?

OMEGA: Well, not his real name, of course. I make a point to never learn my minions’ real names. It dehumanizes them nicely. So, as I was saying, it was “D” in fact that stole the air mattresses. He shipped them back to his family in…wherever, so that they could inflate them and float over to America, too. I can’t imagine why. America is pretty infested with fins, but I guess it’s where the work is.

DR. MORTIN: I see. So, seeing as how “D. Sanchez” is dead now, I assume you won’t need to discipline him? How was the rest of the week upsetting?

OMEGA: Well, it was actually not terrible until the end of the week. We were slated to have our regular Omega Meeting, here at the Omega Dome. You know, we get together, discuss world domination, if someone wants to have a drink or two, that’s ok too…


Dr. Omega drummed his fingers, the metal digits making a hollow, ringing sound in the mostly metallic meeting chamber. He glanced over at his guests, Dr. Saurial and Isis. Dr. Saurial seemed content to perch on his chair, making some kind of calculations on the back of a napkin. A new breed of flesh-eating virus, perhaps? He’d have to ask later.

Isis seemed as bored and impatient as Dr. Omega himself, but lacked a full-visored helm to mask her frowning face. Behind her, her minion (Boo Boo? Bobo? Whatever) played with a combat knife, making it appear and disappear into his sleeves. He may have been bored but his face remained inscrutable.

Dr. Omega glanced at the clock…again…and decided to call the meeting to order. The Reverend Burdo would just have to catch up when he arrived. He motioned to his henchmen and clones, over in the corner, talking on the telephone and giggling. Sigh. They were undoubtedly ordering pizza with the intent of killing the delivery boy. Ah well, they were just at that difficult age. They’d grow out of it.

“Scrape! Vertebreaker! UPS! Get over here! We’re starting.”

The three super villains shuffled over to the table (UPS actually floated, not having feet to shuffle) and took their seats (UPS again being a logical exception).

Dr. Omega cleared his throat but hardly needed to. Everyone stared at him, willing to listen to even his raving plans and proclamations if it would move things along.

“Welcome back, my allies, my Omega Men. I know it’s been some time since we’ve met. As you will soon see, I have not been idle. In fact, I-“

Dr. Omega was interrupted by the TV in the Meeting Room flaring into life. The image that appeared (in every color except red) was the now-familiar face of Dr. Destruction!

“Greetings, ‘Omega Men’, I hope I’m not…interrupting anything.”

Dr. Omega crossed his arms and regarded the screen with disdain. “We’re having a meeting, Destruction. What do you want?”

“Exactly, Dr. Omega. What I want is what’s important here. Now, listen up. I have another chance for you to prove your usefulness to me.

The widow, daughter and granddaughter of the late President Wilson have been captured by the V’sori. They are to be executed on live television. The effect on Resistance and just human morale will be devastating.

You’re going to stop this from happening.”

“What’s in it for us?”

“Well”, continued Destruction, “Apart from me letting you live, you will be thwarting the V’sori and taking from them a potential source for all kinds of sensitive information. The former First Lady has been on the run for years for this very reason.

But now she has been captured, along with her daughter and her grandchild, Mary. As you may remember, Jenna Wilson, the daughter, was captured by the super villain Hydra not too long ago. She was later released and then married some Washington lobbyist or something. Shortly thereafter, she gave birth to Mary, the baby that the V’sori are also holding.

The prisoners are at an old State Police Station in Rhode Island. You must get there before they are transported by M’buna to battle cruiser in low Earth orbit. Once they have left the planet, they will be beyond our grasp.

Go to the police station, extract the Wilson women, and bring them to me. When you are leaving the station, my operatives will contact you to arrange extraction.

Any questions? No? Good. Leave immediately.”


The van was crowded. And therefore, it smelled. It smelled like old burnt tire rubber. It smelled like spilled gasoline. But mostly, it smelled like Scrape.

Scrape was just one of the costumed villains crammed into the hastily rented cargo van, but he took up an inordinate amount of space. Add in the fact that no one wanted to sit close to him, and there was even less room than it appeared.

Fortunately, Paco, Jose and D. Sanchez were riding in front. UPS was powering the van from inside its workings and Isis was on her motorcycle with Boo Boo. That meant that Dr. Omega, Dr. Saurial (clinging to the roof), Scrape and Vertebreaker could just about cram into the back of the van for the drive to Rhode Island.

The seating arrangement was seriously called into question when the van was stopped at a K’theren checkpoint where the bridge from Star City connects to the US mainland. One of the monstrous sharkmen interrogated D. Sanchez (the driver) but unfortunately, chose to do so in English.

“State your business in the US mainland, human.”


“Ummmm. Trade? What’s in the van?”

“Sheepies. Baaaah. Baaah.”

The K’Tharen licked his lipless mouth with a black tongue. “Sheepie, eh? I’m actually kind of hungry. Open it up!”

Dr. Saurial pressed a nervous eye to the crack between the van’s back doors. “Isis, help usssss.” , he hissed under his breath. He was rewarded with a view of Isis looking in her motorcycle’s mirror and combing her hair out.

Dr. Saurial looked down at his companions, “This would be a good time to have someone with illusion powers around, eh? A certain Reverend, maybe?”

Dr. Omega activated his subvocal microphone, “UPS, charge the doors of the van electromagnetically so that they won’t open.”


The K’tharen hauled D. Sanchez out of the van’s drivers’ seat and tossed him towards the back of the van. “OPEN!”

Sanchez pulled on the doors, his eyes white with fear. They held, “No open, senor. No open. Please.”

Cars were lining up at the check point. The line was getting very long and one brave soul even honked his horn. Another of the K’tharen pointed out to his fellows which car had honked and it was clear that they were looking forward to interviewing this driver. The other K’tharen started waving cars through without checking them and one took out a baseball bat from under the desk at the booth.

The K’tharen bullying Sanchez walked back to the booth with a wave of one scaly hand, “Ugh. Get lost, humans. Go!”

“Gracias, pendaho.” And the nondescript grey van pulled away, followed by the bright red motorcycle.


The old State Police station had seen better days. Even in the dim light, the villains could see it had fallen into some disrepair. The few lights that were on glowed dimly and reflected off of walls of cracked plaster. Weeds had overtaken most of the paved paths to and around the station.

The sad state of the station was hardly the first thing one might notice upon looking at it tonight, however. A M’buna transport sat in front of the building, a heavily armed Manta jet fighter parked in front of it. An escort, obviously.

Half a dozen robotic Drones stood in a semicircle at the front of the building. They were inside the circle of lamplight cast by the outside lights of the station. Unless they had infra-red vision, they would be only effectively guarding the 15 or 16 feet of pavement they could see.

Dr. Omega barked out orders as the villains readied their weapons, equipment and various deformities.

“UPS, infiltrate their electrical system and find the women. Stay in contact via microbead. Dr. Saurial, scale the wall on the east side of the compound and get in on the ground floor. The rest of us are going in through the sewer tunnels we saw a half mile up the road. When I give the word, we attack! My minions will lead the charge.

Remember, grabbing the women and escaping is our number one priority! Now, go!”


Dr. Saurial crouched on the roof of the station. He quietly unscrewed the air vent over the bathrooms and slithered in.

Blending in with the walls of the station, he crawled his way into the stairwell leading down to the basement. Three K’tharen stomped up the stairs past him. Two of them moved on to the main station above, but one stopped on the stairs. It would mean his death.

Dr. Saurial reached down, grabbed the shark-like head under him and twisted. He was rewarded with a satisfying crack.

The Doctor dragged the inert, alien corpse into the shadows of the stairwell, silently hoping that no one would find it before the women were in their custody. Shrugging, he scuttled into the basement just as all hell broke loose.


UPS buzzed happily through the wires of the building. He loved racing through the electrical wires of a new location. It lasted less than a second but the thrill of discovery stayed with him for minutes. UPS lived at the speed of energy and a minute was a long time.

He coursed through the video cameras in the station and found the captive women and the infant. They were in a cell in the basement, in the same level as an interrogation chamber and a weapons locker and armory. As luck would have it, a drainage grate was set into the floor, allowing access for the rest of the team.

UPS relayed all of this to Dr. Omega, along with the presence of four K’tharen and a V’sori in elaborate armor, wearing a cape.

“A V’sori Warlord!” confirmed Dr. Omega. “An interesting development. UPS, create a distraction. We’re moving in. Dr. Saurial, move to the bottom level.”

“I am ssstanding over the K’tharen outside the women’s cell. He is about to die.”

According to UPS, he had just lured a K’tharen into the weapons locker and “bonked” him on the head. Looking up through the grate in the floor, Dr. Omega saw no reason to hesitate further. “Go! Attack! Arriba!”

The metal grate flew out from the floor! The sound of a chainsaw coughing to life followed it as D. Sanchez led the Minions on the charge!

Sanchez tore into a K’tharen with his chainsaw, decapitating him. Unfortunately, he was in the way of the V’sori Warlord, who eviscerated him with a glowing power sword of some kind.

The other Minions hosed down the room with automatic weapons fire as Dr. Saurial dispatched another K’tharen and UPS made his way through the building electrical system to the upper level and into the parked M’buna. But before he darted off, the glowing orb that is UPS hovered in front of the V’sori Warlord, “What we have here is a new…shoe…”

The fighting stopped. Everyone looked over to stare at UPS. Expectation hung in the air, all listeners waiting for some kind of explanation.

None was forthcoming.

Fortunately, Scrape broke the tension by throwing a lit satchel of dynamite into the stairwell of the police station. The resulting explosion reduced the concrete stairs to rubble and blasted the V’sori Warlord and the Williams women with concrete shrapnel and flames!

Jenna Wilson (and her baby Mary) was fortunately protected from the blast by the massively armored V’sori Warlord, who was also unharmed by the blast. Her mother was not so lucky, catching the brunt of the blast in the face and dying instantly.

The swirling melee was choked in dust. From out of that dust, Isis appeared, firing her powerful handgun again and again at the V’sori Warlord, who had shoved Jenna and Mary into the “security” of the interrogation chamber, guarded by a lone K’tharen.

The handgun hit several weak spots in the alien armor, causing the V’sori leader to cry out in pain and drop to one knee. “Ubu, now!”

The giant chinaman ran forward, putting the barrel of his gun to the Warlord’s head. He pulled the trigger. Vertebreaker, the K’tharen he was wrestling and the remaining Minions were covered in brains and gore.

Dr. Omega used the microbead radio to ask Scrape to “deal with” the K’tharen guarding Jenna and Mary Wilson in the interrogation chamber. Scrape bashed one misshapen fist through the door. When he pulled it out, it had the K’tharen’s head in it.

“Good work, my son.” Scrape shot a smug (albeit melting) look in Vertebreakers’ direction. Up until this point, Dr. Omega had remained in the sewer access tunnel. He now activated the circuitry in his battle armor, disappearing from the tunnel with a sharp crack of displaced air.

He reappeared next to the blood and gore-covered Jenna Williams, who look understandably terrified, clutching her baby to her.

“Hello, Mrs. Simmons. No time to waste, come with me.”

V’sori robot drones on the upper level had been cut off from the combat by Scrape’s quick thinking and explosives. The super-strong drones were punching through the floor up on the first floor, trying to break into the interrogation chamber from above!

Dr. Omega grabbed Jenna’s hand and teleported back into the sewer access tunnel. “Omega Men, we have what we came for. Withdraw.”

But for two Omega Men, the spoils of war proved too tempting.

Dr. Omega and Dr. Saurial contacted Dr. Destruction via radio and advised him that the Wilson women were in custody."

"Excellent. All of them? Do you have all three?"

"Not...exactly. The First lady died in the escape."

"But you have the daughter, yes? You have Jenna Wilson?"

"Yes, we do. She's with us, headed back to the van now."

"Good. That is all that truly matters, then."

"Ah, good! Then we'll take the infant back to the lab and...experiment a bit. We can raise him as our own! Expand his super powers!"

"No!!! A child belongs with his mother!" ,Dr. Destruction had never raised his voice to them before.

Dr. Omega didn't miss the cue, "Kind of...maternal for a world class supervillain, aren't we?"

Even more noteworthy than Dr. Destruction raising his voice was the akward, almost stunned silence that followed. No one missed the pause on Destructions' part, its' potential implications.

"Just do as I say, Omega!"

"Yes, Dr. Destruction. Of course..."

Dr Omega and Dr. Saurial shared a meaningful look. Some day, Champion, someday...


Outside, the M’buna had all of its electronics melted into slag. UPS arced over to the Manta jet fighter and was about to do the same when a quick systems check revealed the incredible firepower at his disposal, controlling this craft.

If balls of energy could smile, he would have. The speakers of the Manta broadcast an insane cackle as the Manta lifted off, no pilot in the cockpit. The drones on guard looked up without any real interest as a hellfire missile was launched at them, at point blank range!

Back in the basement, the K’tharen were all dead, as was their V’sori master. Isis reached down and took the glowing sword that he had used to kill D. Sanchez. Dr. Saurial used the Warlord’s own blood to paint a smiley face on the visor of his helmet (what was left of it) before hitting the wrist-mounted teleport jump that returned the V’sori to his own masters. He and Isis got a good chuckle out of that.

“Ubu, pick up the dead body of Mrs. Williams and put it on my motorcycle. That’s right, where we usually put the dead body for driving around with. We shall use the Lazarus Pits to revive her and then we will learn what she knows!”

The Omega Men quickly filed out of the basement, leaving a charred and blood-spattered shell in their wake.

The transfer of the women to Dr. Destructions’ minions went smoothly and the villains drove back to the Omega Dome without incident. They all agreed to meet again in two months’ time and if anyone sees Rev Burdo, to let him know.

A Manta jet fighter settled into the bay and secreted itself near the Omega Dome. When the time came, it would be ready.

The End for now…
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#13 Postby Yuri » Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:57 am

I am glad to see that your GM is playing Dr Destruction just like ours did.

We hated Dr. Destruction. We in fact called him Mr. Destruction since he was unable to produce any proof that he was a Doctor (our team also had two doctors - one of Electrical science, the other of humanities).

I'm interested to see how your games unfolds.

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#14 Postby Sitting Duck » Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:43 am

Undocumented minions? :lol:

Maybe you could crosspost these somewhere a bit more permanent like a blog.
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#15 Postby XcomSquaddie » Wed Sep 10, 2008 8:01 am

Add a poll. Don't want these to vanish.
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#16 Postby Gospog » Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:24 am

Oh man, I didn't even think of that. It's meant as a joke, and not as a political statement.

But certainly, if it offends anyone, please PM me and I'll remove that episode.

I'd like to share my groups' games and entertain everyone, not hurt anyone's feelings.


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#17 Postby Gospog » Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:35 am

Actually, reviewing the Rules for the Forums again, you may have a point. I removed the post.

I dumped the text here:


I just need to go back and format it later.

Sorry if I ruffled any feathers. Game 4 coming very soon!

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Re: Game 3 - SPOILERS - Plot Point Campaign

#18 Postby DaRealJudas » Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:59 am

Gospog wrote:Removed to conform with use policy for Forums. My bad.
Actually, reviewing the Rules for the Forums again, you may have a point. I removed the post.
Sorry if I ruffled any feathers.

Okay, I feel like I just skipped a chapter on the DVD without noticing and suddenly it’s like different…
What just happened? Was someone PMing you? How I understood XcomSquaddie, Yuri and Sitting Duck their were making compliments and tried to “preserve” your post for the generations to come?! Or did my English just got broken? :-?
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Re: Game 3 - SPOILERS - Plot Point Campaign

#19 Postby XcomSquaddie » Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:09 am

DaRealJudas wrote:
Gospog wrote:Removed to conform with use policy for Forums. My bad.
Actually, reviewing the Rules for the Forums again, you may have a point. I removed the post.
Sorry if I ruffled any feathers.

Okay, I feel like I just skipped a chapter on the DVD without noticing and suddenly it’s like different…
What just happened? Was someone PMing you? How I understood XcomSquaddie, Yuri and Sitting Duck their were making compliments and tried to “preserve” your post for the generations to come?! Or did my English just got broken? :-?

I'm guessing that someone PM'ed Gospog about using "Undocumented Minions" in his latest write-up. It didn't occur to me either but I guess it could be offensive to some people. You can see that he has since removed the post.

I hope that Gospog will either continue posting here or at least crosspost as someone else mentioned.

I'm not really into superhero stuff, but the posts so far have been well written and are funny as hell. Hope we keep seeing them.
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#20 Postby Gospog » Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:22 am

Hey guys,

I thought you meant that you'd want the posts somewhere else in case I got pulled for being inappropriate. I can see how my political satire (which our game has its' fair share of) could be misconstrued as flame bait.

That being said, thank you very much with the kind words. I fully intend to keep posting. I just want to make sure I play by the rules. I love NE and I love these Forums. I don't want to ruin that for me or anyone who's reading my posts. :)

"I am forced to believe you guilty of impertinence, impiety, disregard and impudicity."

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