Weapon Bonus and Parry

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Weapon Bonus and Parry

#1 Postby zyax » Tue Dec 25, 2007 10:28 am

If a weapon were enchanted to give a bonus to the Fighting Skill, would that bonus add to the Parry of the wielder of the weapon?

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#2 Postby Clint » Tue Dec 25, 2007 6:55 pm

Parry is figured off the character's Fighting Trait, and isn't affected by any external bonuses or penalties to that Trait.

Typically, if an enchanted weapon wanted to increase Parry, it would need a separate ability to do so.

That said, a GM could make that a function of a specific setting (that a magical bonus to Fighting also adds to Parry), but that obviously falls under setting rules (for a high-powered magic weapon game).
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