[DLR] new blessed vs new voodooist (stone a hard place)

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[DLR] new blessed vs new voodooist (stone a hard place)

#1 Postby Gerykhan » Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:36 pm

I wonder if the two arcanes are unbalanced or not

blessed : crise of faith (-1 die type on faith when 1 on the faith die roll)
sinning one week penalty ( -2 faith roll minor, no power major)

27 powers available
no reserved edge ( all miracle edges shared with voodooist)
Protection as free starting power

voodooist: shrine ( loose a day of power if not used one hour a day)
backlash (shaken on 1 on voodoo die, fatigue on snake eye )

34 powers available (including the 27 blessed's powers)

one reseved edge ( gri gri crafter)

I really ask myself why choose a blessed instead a voodooist..

Have you already try these new rules?

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#2 Postby jonnywaistcoat » Fri Jun 19, 2015 7:40 am

Well, from a strictly mechanical point of view the Voodooist is better, no doubt (though a free Protection miracle is nothing to sniff at if used right). However, the Voodooists have one MASSIVE achilles heel that you haven't listed here - they're completely bound to their stuff.

Not only do they get a -2 without their gris gris bag (a minor inconvenience), but they have to spend an hour each day at a shrine to the loas. Now do you know what that hour doesn't include? Building a shrine to the loas.

Unless your Voodooist is in a place with a shrine already there, then they're going to have to cart around a shrine's worth of kit and ritual materials everywhere they go. Bones, gris-gris, it all weighs plenty, and it's unlikely a Voodooist would be able to carry a shrine's worth of kit on their person without some serious encumbrance penalties.

And if your Voodooist is carting it about in a wagon or on a horse, then that means their powers are always just a bad die roll away from being gone - a rockslide, rickety bridge, exposure to the winter cold - a lot of things can take out a horse and mean that the Voodooist can't perform their rituals.

Essentially, the downside of Voodoo is that you need to prepare - it's the clear winner in an urban environment, but in the wilderness or when travelling it become very complicated. The Blessed, by comparison, could be butt-naked in a desert for days and still be calling down miracles without a second thought.

Fundamentally, though, the main reason someone would choose a Blessed over a Voodooist is for the same reason they would choose a Voodooist over a Huckster or Mad Scientist - they're entirely different character concept, and I've never yet met a compelling character that was designed based on mechanics alone.
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