How to kill Harrowed in Savage west

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How to kill Harrowed in Savage west

#1 Postby Anonymous » Mon Sep 22, 2003 9:51 pm

I have posted a question like this elsewhere but I am posting here to get Shanes Official rule.

I do not have the savage rpg yet, but are harrowed just as hard to kill (not injure) as the classic system? (IE- the have to have a killing wound done to the head to die?). What about stitchin? I did not notice this power in the classic to savage conversion rules.

Cheers and ta Shane,

Hi PHi
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#2 Postby Hi PHi » Mon Sep 22, 2003 10:36 pm

I know you want an official answer, but this may help.

The way I've been running it is that 3 wounds will still put a Harrowed (Any harrowed in my game is a Wild Card) out of the fight, but they don't roll on the knockout table. The reason they're incapacitated is the same reason they start taking wound modifiers after 3 wounds in classic: Signifigant muscle tissue and nerves have been damaged, causing them paralysis. 4+ wounds to the head will kill them (and that's not easy to do).

Stitchin' is covered in the updated conversion.

Stitchin' - Natural Healing roll every day.
Improved Stitchin' - Natural healing roll every hour.

Hope this helps, I'll be waiting to see the official answer also, however.
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Hit Locations

#3 Postby Anonymous » Mon Sep 22, 2003 10:47 pm

So there are hit locations in savage west, cool. Thanks for the suggestions Hi PHi. How do wounds work in this system? I can not get the book yet. Has yet to come in in Australia.

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How to kill Harrowed in Savage West

#4 Postby Banjo » Tue Sep 23, 2003 12:36 am

SW has been available in Australia for several months now ....

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#5 Postby palehorse » Tue Sep 23, 2003 12:49 am

Check out the Test Drive rules on the PEG downloads page. The quick 'n' dirty on how damage works is there; should be all you need. :)

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#6 Postby Banjo » Tue Sep 23, 2003 1:15 am

Yes, the Testdrive rules are good, the full rules are so much better :wink:


My gaming store sucks

#7 Postby Anonymous » Tue Sep 23, 2003 8:04 pm

I guess that means my gaming store sucks, they said its not even in Australia. I will have to try Mil Sims.

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#8 Postby MadTinkerer » Tue Sep 23, 2003 10:11 pm

Well you can always order from the Pinnacle website. It'll cost a bit to ship it overseas, though.
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#9 Postby Banjo » Wed Sep 24, 2003 12:17 am

Mil sims have copies, as well as Evernight and the Action Deck :)

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#10 Postby Balance » Wed Sep 24, 2003 7:08 am

Since you mentioned it, Savage Worlds doesn't have hit locations in the same way Deadlands does. It's a speed thing to prevent those location rolls from taking a time chunk.

There's some suggested penalties for specific location damage, i believe.
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#11 Postby fred the monkey » Wed Sep 24, 2003 1:42 pm

-4 to hit head or other similar sized location.

-6 for really small things (this is described in a different section than the 'called shot' section, but my guess is that this penalty would be best applied to something like an eye, or perhaps a particular button on the control panel across the room (You know, the big red one, labelled "Do Not Push!"))

Aiming will get you a +2 bonus, but you can't keep adding to that like in classic deadlands, so a head shot is always going to be at a penalty (barring magic items and whatnot).
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