Savage Tales Idea

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Count Zero
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Savage Tales Idea

#1 Postby Count Zero » Tue Sep 16, 2003 6:17 pm

First off, I dig Privateers Bounty. Looks like it'll provide a fun evening or two with the gang. The idea I had was to package in an extra with each Savage Tale - maybe a one or two page miniatures scenario. It would be cool if it went along with the Savage Tale itself. Just a thought...that way people would really feel like they're getting more bang for the buck and you can continue to push SW as a miniatures gaming alternative as well.
I figured Screamers would have been a nice bonus with Privateers Bounty.
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#2 Postby lordthrog » Tue Sep 16, 2003 6:43 pm

Oh yeah, just like some of the Dime Novels (at leat Night Trian) had a GRW scenario on the last couple pages. That would be kinda cool, where appropriate.
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#3 Postby PEGShane » Wed Sep 17, 2003 10:10 am

Only when it's appropriate (like Night Train). PB def. does *not* need something like that.

Screamers is nothing *but* a minis game.


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