[TAG] Hellfrost: Skalds & Stories released

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[TAG] Hellfrost: Skalds & Stories released

#1 Postby Wiggy » Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:51 am

Whether huddled around a campfire in the frozen north, seated in a noble’s court, or enjoying the comforts of an ale-hall, citizens enjoy a good story. Told well, a story can remind folk of better times, rekindle their drive, fill their hearts with pride, sorrow, or happiness, take listeners to new lands, and temporarily dispel thoughts of hardships ahead.

Every skald knows dozens of stories, but is master of only a few. This supplement presents a system where skalds purchase their master tales based on their focus and complexity, and can perform them to make friends and influence people. A number of sample tales are included.

Although written for the Hellfrost setting, the rules can be used with any Savage Worlds fantasy setting with a minimum of modification.

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