[Sundered Skies] Reskinning the Races in an odd way

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[Sundered Skies] Reskinning the Races in an odd way

#1 Postby arnoldnido » Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:19 pm

OK, I understand this may ellicit a few questions, and I swear this has nothing to do with an incredibly whipped middle aged man not so subtly getting his wife into gaming more...

Trust me where I am going with this one....

Sundered Skies, which is a very fun sandbox style game that reminds me of the old Tramp Freighter campaigns from D6 Star Wars, has many of your typical fantasy races, with some tweaks.

I was wondering what suggestions people would have for making the rest of the playable races (including maybe the humans but maybe not) into anthropomorphic animals....

...and the Orcs are already, um, penguins...

I mean, what the heck the elves are almost symbiotically linked to plants, and the dwarves, what the heck do I make them, moles? My group will not worry so much about the crunch, so the stats, edges, etc. can stay the same I am just trying to figure out a fluff covering for each race.

Thank you in advance for treating this as seriously as it can be treated.


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#2 Postby NOESKANE » Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:45 pm


For SS elves I would choose cats.

But this begs the question: What are wildlings gonna be? :eek:


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#3 Postby Grakarg » Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:19 am

Well you could just pick all the common animals and just assign them without really worring about it too much. After all, you've already got penguins instead of orcs. :wink:

But to answer your question, here's my thoughts:

Drakin = Lizards
Dwarves = Badgers
Elves = Cats (or alternately sentiant plants since SS elves have woody skin and spores, but I prefer cats so I'd probably drop those abilities for something else)
Glowborn = Dogs
Humans = Apes
Orcs = Penguins
Wildings = Insects

I'd also use those as really broad definitions had have anything associated or in the same animal family as just variation within that race.
So a Drakin could be a chameleon, monitor lizard, salamander, etc
Dwarves could be badgers, ferrets, skinks, or weasels.
Elves could be housecatlike, or lions, or tigers, lynx, etc.
Glowborn would be jackals, wolves, dogs, foxes, etc
Humans, babboons gorillas chimps

Good luck and happy gaming, I hope your wife has a good time!

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