Roleplaying Walkin' Dead and Faminites

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Roleplaying Walkin' Dead and Faminites

#1 Postby GranFalloon » Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:55 pm

I haven't used these guys much yet, and I'm sort of curious how other GMs run them, and what the writers had in mind. For example, can they talk? Plan? I don't really see either of them as great thinkers, but they can use guns and such, so there's something there.
I sorta see Walkin Dead as people so consumed with hate that they can't think long-term, but can coordinate simple tactics, and could possibly be convinced to assist someone of great evil power. Sorta like orcs, really.
I've tried to present Faminites as terrifying tragic figures, though I've only used them once. I don't see them attacking on sight, but gathering around, crying and begging for food, looking for all the world like Holocaust prisoners. Of course, when the offered food is gone (or none is given), they become more and more agitated, and soon go all "28 Days Later." They can still talk, of course, and gibber about how they're going to devour their targets.

What neat things have you guys done with these twists on the standard zombie?

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#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:06 pm

Walkin' Dead are meat puppets being used by a Manitou. Think of them like army men in an evil 8 year old's control - except they can actually shoot people that annoy the kid, or are nearby when he thinks it would be funny to shoot them. They're as smart as the kid wants them to be, with the goal of maximizing his own fun and your terror. Just remember that the demon is multi-tasking when he plays with corpses; no individual is going to be too impressive because the spirit is focused on making all of them run.
The goal is to generate fear. Sometimes shamblers do that, sometimes sprinters do, and sometimes you need them to sing and dance to Thriller while they kill the posse of heroes. That sort of thing can give nightmares to generations of townies and players. :wink:

Faminites are basically the same thing, with a hunger-plague added into the mix.

That's a paraphrase of the official line. Personally, I see them as a corpse swarm intended to tear down heroes and give them something awesome to shoot up and then run away from. If the PCs kill enough of them, they might even get some loot (weapons, armor, tools, or whatever else the deader was dragging around) or just burn through supplies (grenades, ammunition, etc) if the posse is too well equipped.
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#3 Postby Osiris Risen » Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:21 am

I like to have them act like typical movie zombies; slow, shambling, limited to basic motor skills. And then once the posse thinks they've got 'em figured out, I'll have one raise that shotgun it had been dragging around and shoot point blank into the posse, or they'll all attack with a sudden burst of speed, or some other unexpected thing.

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