[Classic] Selling junker tech

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[Classic] Selling junker tech

#1 Postby engai » Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:25 am

Hey everyone. New to marshaling the wasted west here, and I was wondering if anyone had some advice on a player selling junker tech items. It's near the beginning of the campaign and they are passing through Junkyard to pick up supplies for their trip down to Texas, so this is the place to do these sorts of things.

After comparing prices between the parts needed to make a junker item and what a normal item of similar power costs, I am thinking about 10x the component cost for an item of 16 reliability. A bit more depending on the reliability, and more or less depending on his skill at finding a buyer.

Does that seem reasonable to anyone else? Or do any of you have preferred methods?

Thanks muchly,

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#2 Postby Fuzyfeet » Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:12 pm

That is exactly where I set my base price: (component cost x10) =/- 10% per reliability about/bellow 16.

I always have it so selling nets the posse 60% base cost (in the book or in my head) + 10% per raise on a Persuasion roll. Buying is 120% - 10% per raise on a Persuasion roll. Going bust on either roll insults the buyer/seller and they can forget trading with them, or I do some secret Cognition rolls to notice a little swap-out of the intended items (if buying).

It's always fun when they bust a roll buying ammo or weapons. My posse once failed the Cognition roll and bought a clip's worth of powder-less shells. When they loaded them and fired the look on the player's face was priceless.

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#3 Postby Fists-of-Dorn » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:34 am

Another option is for the character to obtain some ranks in the Dinero Edge. So long as he continues gathering scrap, as any good junker would, you can assume he crafts together some items for sale without bothering with the rolls. Just ask the player what the character is making to sell in a particular locale. You might adjust the "Found Money" depending on the local economic factors of demand/supply.

You can also feel free to adjust the amount of "money" gained through the Dinero edge from what the book allows for. If the heroes are in particular need of rare/valuable goods/services then this edge could take care of that; because it is a situation more pertinent to the story, the characters should have to succeed on some rolls for whatever you feel is necessary.

Say there is a group of abominations heading toward a settlement. The heroes feel outclassed on their own against the abominations, and though the settlers are game to fight for their settlement, they just don't have the resources to do it. Then an infamous gunfighter arrives ahead of the abominations, giving the heroes hope that they might have the solution in their midst now.

Now the heroes can each attempt to convince the gruff and generally unlikable gunfighter to do the right thing and save the settlement. He's of the mind that if those abominations take a day or two to raze this pathetic excuse for a town to the ground, then that puts them a day or two behind him. The junker could barter with the gunfighter to fix his faulty cyber leg, which the junker had noticed to be malfunctioning and causing him to limp.

While that might not be all that the heroes have to promise to the bloodthirsty murderer from West Texas, it would be a fun way for the junker to gain the benefit of his edge while involving all of the heroes, and it allows them to rope in a temporary ally to save a settlement of people.

This will also allow you, as the Marshal, to work with the player to define mini-adventures and minor plots around the inventions that he has sold along his path across the Wastes. These could range anywhere from minor issues with how the contraptions work, to major issues of slippage releasing malevolent demons into the Wastes.

If that option doesn't allow for the detailed construction and distribution of his inventions, which some players will desperately want, then your idea for determining price based off of a multiplier and variable for reliability would seem to fit that bill well enough.


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